Join us everyday for cash tournaments and casuals at our HQ.

weekly crapApart from the tournaments we also offer casuals for those who just want to hangout and not have to play in tournaments.

No outside food or drinks are allowed, please finish your food before.

We’re always open to adding more games if there’s a game you would like us to do but don’t see it above let us know and we’ll add it.


We are located at 259  Third Ave and Davidson St. in Chula Vista, CA 91910 behind the building where the parking lot is (Red Arrow above)

League of Legends: Double IP Weekend


Get ready for some crazy League action!!! During the last week of April, Riot will be raising the IP you gain by twice as much! From 12am on Friday April 25th until 11:59pm on Sunday April 27th, you’ll earn double IP from every match you play.  As a bonus, League of Legends will be undergoing a two-week long 2 for 1 Rune page sale during May. Keep a look out for an announcement on which day it starts. This last week of April is looking very good indeed. See you on the Fields of Justice Summoners!!!

Lumo Deliveries INC. shows how to develop games for a distracted audience



Lumo Deliveries Inc., the social management sim with a difference, will receive its first public showing as part of a special event held at the head office of Ukie (United Kingdom Association for Interactive Entertainment) in London on Friday 25 April 2014.

The free event takes on the form of a games development workshop hosted by the Lumo Deliveries Inc. team, called ‘How to develop for a distracted audience and keep them engaged’, with contributions from psychologist Dr. Simon Moore. The presentation will be followed by a game developer Q&A panel hosted by tech journalist Guy Cocker, featuring Steve Stopps (Lumo Deliveries Inc.), Jonathan Evans (designer of Kumo Lumo), Chris Kempt (Kempt) and Nick Baynes (Big Bit).

Watch Dogs: 8 Minute Multiplayer Walkthrough

Check out Watch Dogs’ groundbreaking multiplayer modes where everything and everyone is connected. Learn how Watch Dogs is blurring the line between single and multiplayer, and get a glimpse into three distinct and exciting modes including Online Hacking Contracts, ctOS – Mobile Companion App, and Competitive Decryption Combat.

Killer Instinct/Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournaments @ Microsoft Store 4/18


Check out the images of our Killer Instinct and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournaments held at the Microsoft Store in Fashion Valley Mall.

Congrats to our winners!!

IMG_9598Thank you to everyone who joined us and participated!!

“Scrap Squad” Ready for Download!


Relevant Games and Hazard Studios today officially launched “Scrap Squad” on multiple mobile app stores today. Available for iOS (Universal) and Google Play, Scrap Squad gives players a real challenge to handle infinite waves of falling trash by matching the right item to the appropriate recycling robot.

The more you match, the faster junk tumbles down the conveyor, keeping the gameplay wild and enjoyable. Scrap Squad’s hilarious art will having you endlessly amused while you collect the day away. Spend your hard-earned in-game cash on upgrades for your funny collection of ‘bots, and you might even learn a few tips about what’s recyclable in the real-world!

Scrap Squad sets us in the role of a mad scientist in a frantically fun action game. Players start out with a private lab, a few clunker robots and a easy mission to sort falling objects, which those robots haul away and turn into cash to finance your mischevious plans. The trash treadmill soon speeds up, challenging the player to upgrade their army of bots to become faster and more efficient. As players make that money, they can unlock tons of upgrades and plug-ins to turbo-charge their robots, and their twisted plans!

Join us This Saturday for our Call of Duty Ghost Cash Tournament at our HQ

IMG_9165Join us Saturday the 26th  for our next Call of Duty Ghost 4v4 cash tournament. Sign ups and warm ups start at 9am Tournament will begin at 11am.

All points are reset for the next Throne of Champions on August 30th and 31st at Coleman University. Teams really felt the importance of our ranking system that our first ToC event, so make sure you come out every week to try to get a better seed.

Tournament will be played on Xbox 360 no outside wireless controllers are allowed, Scuff are ok.

You are welcome to use your own headsets.

Dragon Age: Inquisition Gameplay Trailer “The Inquisitor”

BioWare today announced that the highly-anticipated, epic role-playing game, Dragon Age: Inquisition will be available in stores and for digital download on October 7 in North America and October 10 in Europe. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the expansive, beautiful world of Thedas is being torn apart by a massive, mysterious breach in the sky. Players must assume the role of the Inquisitor and lead a team of legendary heroes to uncover the truth behind the impending devastation.

Batman: Arkham Origins – Cold, Cold Heart DLC Launch Trailer

The Cold, Cold Heart story add-on introduces new locations including Wayne Manor and GothCorp, taking players on an ice-cold journey as Victor Fries encounters Batman for the first time. Players will have access to all new gadgets including Thermocharged Batarangs and Thermal Gloves. Batman is also equipped with his powerful Extreme Environment (XE) suit to take down Mr. Freeze and his Cryo-thugs in hours of new story content.

Cold, Cold Heart is available for purchase on the PlayStation Network, Xbox LIVE and Steam. This add-on pack will be available to players who have purchased the Batman: Arkham Origins Season Pass and are connected to the Internet, or it can be purchased separately for $9.99.

Dragons of Legend

Eagerly anticipated by Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG) fans nationwide, the Dragons of Legend booster set makes its long-awaited debut April 25th. Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (Konami) has delved deep into the Yu-Gi-Oh! television series archives to create a treasure trove of cards drawn from all four Yu-Gi-Oh! animated TV series, including some of the most popular and fan-requested cards that players have been longing for years.

Adventure Time: Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest launches on Steam!


Cartoon Network Games and NGD Studios, an independent game developer and publisher are glad to officially announce the release of Adventure Time: Finn and Jake’s Epic Quest on Steam.

Epic Quest began as a Web game on and rapidly grew a record- breaking success, with more than 1.3 million plays over the first week of launch and 16+ million since its release. The new version for Steam is a total remake of the game attaining stunning new graphics, a new combat system, a new world to explore, animated cut scenes and tighter gameplay and controls.

New Ultra Street Fighter IV Trailer

Join us this Saturday for our Halo 4 Team Tournament at the Microsoft Store

Join us this Saturday for our Halo 4: 4v4 Team Tournament!

Sign-ups start around 5pm.
Tournament starts at 6pm.

When: April 26th
Where: San Diego Microsoft Store at Fashion Valley Mall.
FREE to enter!

**Tournament will be played on the Xbox 360. Casuals will take place before the tournament on all stations. Once the tournament starts, we will have a dedicated station for casuals for those who don’t want to enter the tournament. More stations will open as the tournament progresses. Wired controllers are allowed. NO outside wireless controllers will be allowed. NO modded equipment will be allowed.

Join us this Friday for our COD:Ghosts 4v4 Team Tournament at the Microsoft Store


Join us this Friday for our  Call of Duty Ghosts 4v4 Team Tournament!

Sign-ups start around 5pm.
Tournament starts at 6pm.

When: April 25th
Where: San Diego Microsoft Store at Fashion Valley Mall.
FREE to enter!

**Tournament will be played on the Xbox 360. Wired controllers are allowed. NO outside wireless controllers will be allowed. NO modded equipment will be allowed.

And reminder Saturday is our Call of Duty ghost cash tournament at our HQ.

Happy 25th Anniversary Nintendo Game Boy !


 Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the first generation of Nintendo GameBoy. It first launched in Japan on April 21, 1989. Who had one of these?

Have a wonderful Easter from


Madden 25/Super Smash Bros. Melee/Project M Tournaments @ HQ 4/13

APRIL 13Check out the images from our Madden 25, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Project M tournaments held at our HQ on April 13.

Congrats to the winners!

Madden 25

IMG_9556Super Smash Bros. Melee / Project M

IMG_9560Thank you to everyone who joined us and participated!!

The Last Federation, Out Today On Steam, GOG & Humble Store!

last federation mock small

25% off during launch week

Arcen Games is very glad to officially announce The Last Federation launch today for Windows PC, Mac OS X and Linux platforms.

From the creators of AI War: Fleet Command comes an all-new grand strategy title with turn-based tactical combat, taken place in a deep simulation of a whole solar system and its billions of inhabitants. You are the survivor of your perished race, set out to unite or eliminate the 8 others. But like Batman, you must work from the shadows, using superior technology – bring your cape and cowl.

Next Car Game It’s time for a sandpit shakedown



The latest update of NEXT CAR GAME is here, and it will see you transported right back to where it all started from: a good, old-fashioned sandpit! That’s right folks, the update contains a new sandpit race track very much like the ones you’ve all learned to love from our previous games. The classic sandpit environment with its sweeping corners, hefty hillocks and treacherous sand banks is admittedly one of the greatest fan-favorites, and the latest incarnation, albeit still very much work-in-progress, is guaranteed to make a perfect setting for some serious, no-holds-barred racing.

League of Legends: Trials of the Poro

I smell a champion coming!!!! I personally love the video’s direction, and applaud Riot for mixing it up when it comes to showcasing a newcomer. One that comes to mind is Jinx’s music video when she was arriving. Nonetheless this is a champ I will be purchasing regardless. Enjoy!!!

Last chance to Register for Throne of Champions.

Online registration closes tomorrow for  Throne of Champions major tournament this Saturday April 19th. Those who don’t register will have to pay the door price.

The event will be a one day all day event consisting of 6 games (listed below). This will be our first of three of these event this year the next two are set to be in August and December in which we’re planning on adding League of Legends to the line up.

This event we will be running.

Call of Duty: Ghost 4v4 team tournament. (Xbox 360)

Madden 25 (Xbox 360)

Nintendo Cuts Price on Five Great 3DS Titles

Nintendo of America has announced they are cutting the price of Mario Kart 7Super Mario 3D LandNew Super Mario Bros. 2Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D. They will be available both in the eShop and on shelves for $29.99.

Among them are the system’s top three best-selling titles, so if you haven’t picked them up yet, you now have one less excuse!

The Walking Dead: Season 2 Coming to PlayStation Vita Next Week!

The critically-acclaimed second season of The Walking Dead: The Game premieres on PlayStationVita next week.
The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode 1 -  ‘All That Remains’  and Episode 2 - ‘A House Divided’ will of course be available for download for PS Vita via PlayStation Store in North America on Tuesday, April 22. Each episode is just for US$4.99 or equivalent individually, or players can save 20% by purchasing the Season Pass, which includes access to Episodes 1 through 5 as they become available, including the upcoming Episode 3 - ‘In Harm’s Way.’

The Game of the Year award-winning first season is also now available on new platforms.  The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season, which includes all 5 episodes in Season One plus the ’400 Days’ DLC, is now available for Android-based devices via Google Play, NVIDIA Shield via TegraZone, and Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Kindle HDX via Amazon. The first episode in the series, ‘A New Day’, is currently available FREE on all of these platforms.

The highly anticipated second season of The Walking Dead will also be coming to these platforms later on. If you haven’t already, be sure to follow @telltalegames on twitter for latest updates leading to the premiere of Season Two on these devices.

Uprising44: The Silent Shadows launches on Steam tomorrow!


Greenlight Community has officially announced that Uprising44: The Silent Shadows is releasing on Steam tomorrow, the 18th! In accordance to release they are publishing new screenshoots pack.

The game combines third-person action play with real-time strategy. It is a interesting combo of the two modes of play, and has an in-depth and fascinating story-line which is not used in WWII computer games – the greatest civilian uprising against Nazi occupying forces – the Warsaw Uprising. A tale of the Silent Shadows – forerunners of modern day special forces – paratroopers dropped behind enemy lines to organize resistance and use diversionary tactics in the fight against the forces of the Third Reich. An appropriate audio-visual setting combined with cover system (an awesome, proven method of game play), the story-line, and diverse settings, a dynamic and fun game for anyone who wants to be entertained.

Alien: Isolation ‘Lo-fi Sci-fi’ Trailer

“This isn’t a world of holograms and touchscreens; there’s no sense here that technology is going to save you.” – Alistair Hope, Creative Lead.

To stay faithful to the original source, Alien: Isolation™ takes a retro look to the future with a design aesthetic which developer Creative Assembly describes as lo-fi sci-fi. It’s clunky, it’s chunky, it’s push-button and analogue. There are no phasers or lasers, and the smartest weapons you find may be tied together with duct tape and string. A world very much of CRT not LCD, Alien: Isolation may be set in the future but it’s very much baked in the past.

Risen 3 new teaser trailer

In the third installment of the Risen franchise, Risen 3: Titan Lords pulls players into a hand-crafted role-playing world full of rugged charm where every decision changes the course of the story and your fate, and the fate of the world is up for the taking.

A true classic European RPG, Risen 3 refuses to hold your hand. It gives players the freedom to explore the vast and beautiful world at their own pace. Engaging combat will test the player’s skills and with a visually stunning environment, Risen 3: Titan Lords is a must-have title for RPG fans looking for a challenge. This hardcore RPG is coming to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC this August.

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