A Questionable Study states that Gamers Use Xbox One More

A recent study conducted by GlobalWebIndex found that more gamers are spending more time on the Xbox One. In my opinion this makes a lot of sense if Microsoft is giving away consoles to players that cannot afford them on their own. This study states that Xbox One gamers are averaging 2 hours and 27 minutes of gaming than on any other console.

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Top Cartoon Characters of All Time List is Mind Blowing

A recent article by animatedtv.about.com constructed a list of characters in a random order as it appears there was no clear decussion making behind this list. The top 50 characters are shameful to say the less because how can Winnie the Pooh not make in the top 10 of all time? There are issues with this order like how can Bart rank lower than Homer Simpson? I agree with Bugs Bunny being number one and SpongeBob making the top 20 is understandable.

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TwitchCon Sept 30 – Oct 2 San Diego Convention Center

TwitchCon is a celebration of all things Twitch. From streamers and viewers, to the brands that create the games, hardware, and software we love, we’re taking everything that makes the Twitch community special and bringing it together at the San Diego Convention Center on September 30-October 2. Whether you’re new to Twitch and looking to improve your channel, meet streamers you admire, check out the latest games and hardware, or watch the culmination of the H1Z1 Road To TwitchCon competition, TwitchCon has something for everyone.

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