1 Week away till our Monthly San Diego Lan Party!

That’s right we’re about a week away from our first of many large local Lan parties to hit San Diego so expect the longest week of your lives i know i am.

the location is the brand new Best western Hotel at 800 Bay Marina Drive, National City,CA  91950. Since this is a Bring your Own Equipment event (for now) set ups will begin at 10am and the tournaments will begin as soon as everything is set.

As for what we will be running according to the sign ups its looking like we are doing Marvel vs Capcom 3 and Call of Duty Black Ops, we do have a few MW2 people so its going to have to come down to a vote. We also want to run some Smash Bros. we have some people interested but I’m not sure if we got the numbers but if you are interested and can bring some people or spread the word then we’ll have  the tournament.

The room we got is pretty big and holds a good amount of people but just in case  the hotel tries to limit the amount of people for safety reasons  RSVP asap to lock you or your team, RSVP at Events@Fanboygaming.com

Reminder there is a $20 per person fee at the door and this is a Bring Your Own Equipment event  that means if you wish to participate you will have to bring your console, display, copy of the game(s) you want to compete in and of course a controller, we will try to see what we can provide but to avoid risk of you not having anything to play on Bring Your Own Equipment , also this just for now we will slowing start providing the equipment ourselves as we have more of these events,  so please spread the word the bigger these events grow the faster we can provide everything.

When you RSVP please let us know how many are in your team or if your solo, who is your team captain and it’s looking like the console of choice will be Xbox 360 its what everyone who has signed up is bringing.

Disclaimer: Fanboygaming.com and Best Western Hotels are not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged equipment. Modded Consoles or controllers are not allowed to avoid cheating and complaints from other participates, no refunds will be issued once tournaments begin, if you are caught cheating you will be kicked out of the event and will not be refunded. if you are in a team and are accused of cheating and the rest of the team is not then the cheating member will be kicked out and the rest of team can continue on.