10 Fun Gaming Apps To Download

Software concept: cloud of program icons

For gamers, one of the most exciting developments in the past couple of years has been the incredible volume of gaming apps for mobile phones and similar devices. It seems like just about every day dozens of new games are released to different app stores, which essentially amounts to a constant source of entertainment! The tricky part is sifting through the pile to pick out the best games. To help you out with that, here’s a glance at 10 of the best gaming apps currently popular in app stores.

1. Peggle

This game is like a twist on popular “bubble spinner games,” mixed with pinball. Basically, you shoot a ball at a bunch of pegs, trying to take out all of the orange ones. Each level brings new challenges and abilities.

2. Sky Burger

Order up! In this goofy arcade game your job is to make burgers to order by catching the correct ingredients on a bun as they fall from the sky. Each new order gets trickier.

3. Flick Golf

There are plenty of golf apps out there, but this one is the most dynamic. Launch your ball and swipe the screen to battle the wind while it’s in the air. Try to beat your best scores!

4. Ruzzle

This game presents players with grids of letters, and gives you 2 minutes to string together as many words as you can from that grid. Play by yourself, or against live competitors.

5. Candy Crush Saga

It’s basically Bejeweled, but with candy and a few adventurous twists. Still, this game is incredibly popular right now. “Crush” and smash candies to move your way through different levels.

6. Minecraft

Remember the scene in “Inception” when Leonardo DiCaprio explains how to build worlds in dreams? Minecraft is like that concept in video game form. Stack different blocks of material to your heart’s content to build a world of your own.

7. Betfair Casino

Betfair Casino  is a very popular real money gambling site online, and this app version brings the excitement to your phone. The ability to participate in casino activity with actual money on the line, all on a device that fits in your pocket, is incredibly enjoyable.

8. Turtles, Huh?

It’s a weird title, and a weird concept, but a great game. Or rather, it’s 9 great games. 8 simple ones (which really are the most enjoyable) allow you to build up points that you can use to enhance your turtle’s gliding abilities in the 1 main game.

9. Temple Run

Temple Run pits you against the jungle. It’s repetitive, but dodging obstacles and collecting money in the Temple Run courses is addictive, and can get quite competitive.

10. Plague, Inc.

Take over the world – but do it as a new illness! This game has all the makings of a civilization conquest experience, but instead of controlling people, your job is to design and enhance a new virus to kill off humanity. Sick, but fun.