MAG Patch

File:MAG (video game).jpg

MAG just came out today and theirs a patch for it alraedy, The Patch fixes a lot of issues so

Patch Details:


  • Added ability for player to use knife during a reload animation.
  • Applied significant tuning adjustments for all weapons and armor.
  • Increased sprint duration before tiring by 30%.
  • Lowered XP requirements for levels 2 thru 4.
  • Lowered level-entry restrictions for Sabotage from Level 3 to Level 2.
  • Lowered level-entry restrictions for Acquisition from Level 5 to Level 4.
  • Lowered level-entry restrictions for Domination from Level 10 to Level 8.
  • Enabled proper level requirements for unlocking headgear, facegear, and uniforms.
  • Fixed problem with recoil/firing animation that kept playing for a few seconds after the player fires an automatic gun and uses knife swipe simultaneously.


  • Fixed bug where incapacitated players’ nametags would occasionally disappear.
  • Repositioned onscreen weapons for improved field of view.
  • Armory items (facegear/ headgear/ uniforms) reordered.
  • Removed helmets from “Loadout 3” for all factions.


  • Made significant increase in framerate during player-heavy games.
  • Changed light settings for all environments.
  • Polished recoil effect for better realism.
  • Fixed offset muzzle flash effect.
  • Tuned camera to shake more realistically when hit by bullets.
  • Adjusted “blur” effect for both normal sights and iron sights.
  • Added alternate reload animation.
  • New “light scatter” treatment for all skies.
  • Repaired various “weapon clipping” issues.
  • Enacted several particle fogging adjustments.


  • Switched first-person weapon sounds to true stereo.
  • Moved first-person character interactions and weapon switches to true stereo.
  • Tweaked sounds effects relating to landing on surfaces.


  • Added error display and queue panel updates to notify player when they’ve encountered a “join game” failure.
  • Made various server stability fixes and tweaks.