Iron Man 2 game review

If you like a game with a nonstop experience then Iron Man 2 is your type of game.It has a new story that takes you beyond the movie.Since Tony Stark made his shocking announcement to the world “I am iron man”  the global super-arms has begun.As the Russia experiments with dangerous Tesla energy projection technology, Advanced idea mechanics (A.I.M.) combines materials science with an astounding disinterest in operator safety to produce armored exoskeletons. Meanwhile, energy company Roxxon has put its recent acquisition of hammer industries to use as it deploys a line of mobile platforms. But [A.I.M.] to get the Tesla power from the Russia had to exchange 20 -foot-tall power armor to the Russia General Valentin Shatalov.The man who runs [.A.I.M.] is Kearson Dewitt.  The game gives you the opstions choose between iron man or war machine.Each one brings some thing new to the table,iron man brings you unrivalled speed and agility way war machine brings you heavy artillery.Also you get to work with S.H.I.E.L.D and help Nick fury and Natasha Romanov to save the Helicarrier.

Iron Man 2 Gameplay Features
Iron Man 2, like the first video game in the series formulated to coincide with the Marvel Comics movie releases, is a single player action game featuring combat and other action both on the ground and in the air. The game adopts a timeline that is separate from that found in the the movies, providing both comic book and movie elements to coexist. Gameplay is mission-based with players collecting “field data” for success in battle, which in turn allows for the promoting of battle suits. Improvements over the earlier game include greater variety of play, including indoor and outdoor combat and stealth, a control scheme that remains consistent regardless of whether you are on the ground or in the air and an optional lock-on system which pulls Iron Man towards enemies when he is in the air alleviating spectacular attacks. Finally, and probably most crucial, players in Iron Man 2 have the ability to play both as Iron Man as well as Tony Stark’s friend and ally, War Machine.

There’s afew things i didnt like about the game  it didn’t have co-op campaign it would of been awesome to have two people play the game side by side one being iron man and the other being war machine. Also it was a little to short and i thought it could’ve had a online multiplayer were you can make a suit and challenge other people who made their suits.

Another things i didn’t like was the voice acting  it was missing the voices of  key characters from the movie like Gwyneth paltrow, Scarlett Johansson and probably the person who should of been in  the game  Robert Downey JR. the game they atleast had Don Cheadle and Samuel l. jackson.

The controls were average it work little bit to get use to but once you do you’ll have a blast flying  around and shooting at things from above.

In the end Iron Man 2 is a entertaining game that will sell to kids which is pretty much the target audience for this game I give 8 out of 10.