15 year old boy is hospitalized after playing Xbox


In Ohio a 15 year old boy collapsed after playing Call Of Duty: Modern WarFare 3 for four days straight. According to NBC the boy became unconscious several times after the four days. Jessie Rawlins, the boys mom said, “I was very scared, I thought he was going to die, he just fell over three times,” her sons lips turned a disturbing blue color. The boy is expected to recover and his mother said he is not playing Xbox anymore.

Earlier this year a teenager died playing Diablo III 40 hours straight.

Here are tips if you are planning to do a gaming marathon:

  • After an hour or so take a break! Walk around, get blood flowing to your limbs! (Play the Kinect and move your body!)
  • Eat snacks! Get food in you.
  • Drink plenty of liquids, DO NOT DRINK a lot of caffeine!
  • Get in a comfortable position, you might strain your muscles if seated wrong. Relax your body.

One thought on “15 year old boy is hospitalized after playing Xbox

  1. Ok Iam Sorry I just had to Comment on this wht was the Kid doing Home From School Sumer Vacation is Over and it was the Mother Fault for allowing the Boy Shouldnt be Punished with the Result of No more Xbox Play time well at least to he complety Recovers it Sound to me Like he had some sort of blood Clot to not Moving to a certain Position for a good amount time I had a couple friends go through almost a same incident when Perfect dark came out on Xbox360 also when through Gaming Marathon of 1week straight with food and drinks Playing twisted metal on Ps1 and Other Old School Xbox Games My Grand mother allowed it i thnk u her for this experience

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