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Battle Arena Time!! Sinestro Vs. Superman!!

Here we are ladies and gentlemen, the final match up of round 1 and this week we have Hawkgirl Vs. Green Arrow and the big finale, Sinestro Vs. Superman. Battle Arena has been going on for weeks now, showing us amazing cinematic like fights we us being the voters decide on the victor. know that the first round is over we can expect to see a lot more amazing matches in the second round as we eagerly await to see which hero (or villain) go up against each other in the grand finals.


League of Legends: iBlitzcrank Available NOW!!!


Riot has opened up a Mac Client beta for League of Legends! In honor of the celebration, Blitzcrank is getting an upgrade. Meet iBlitzcrank, coming equipped with updated spell effects, animations, and sounds that give a whole new meaning to the Great Steam Golem! iBlitzcrank can be obtained and wreck havoc for a mere 975 Riot Points. As always for more information on upcoming champions, skins, tournaments, etc you can click HERE!  



Dead or Alive 5 Pre-Order Bonus Skins

Dead-Or-Alive-5Here are the newest screenshots for DOA 5. Here we see some pre-order bonuses which will include some new sexy costume skins. Team NINJA  shared a new feature called Touch Fight that will be available for the first time in DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS for PlayStation Vita. As fans await the game’s March 22nd launch, the developer is helping dedicated players get ready for the new, more personal style of touch combat that maximizes the PS Vita’s gorgeous OLED display by putting the opponent front and center. In the competitive world of DOA fighting, those who are best prepared will be the first ones to top the leaderboards!
The intuitive “Touch Fight” mode, newly created for DEAD OR ALIVE 5 PLUS, lets players attack opponents with simple taps or swipes of the touchscreen, offering a second fighting mode alongside traditional button-based control. In this mode, combat is shown from a first-person perspective to put players in the middle of the action for the most intuitive DOA fighting experience to date. Players can hold the PS Vita horizontally for a full widescreen view of the interactive battle stage, or vertically to enjoy a close-up view of the opposing character.


Armada 2526 Gold Edition Is Now Available On Steam

Armada_2526_Gold_Edition_LogoArmada 2526 Gold is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off. Lead one of 18 different alien races to become a mighty pan-galactic empire. Manage your colonies, deploy your fleets and conduct research. Plot your strategy and turn your planets into mighty bastions. Explore new star systems, where you may encounter tachyon storms, physic plants, primitives or find abandoned alien technology. Diplomacy is of utter importance in being successful. Make pacts and alliances, make threats or ask for favours – and when the time is right, replace diplomacy by space combat and fight it out in real-time 3D.


Review Hawkeye #8 “Hawkeye’s Sexy Parties”


A muzzle flash in the dark the sound of a body falling limp on the floor and the scuff click of high heels fleeing the scene leads to a knock on a door of the one man she could trust. This man has a specific set of skills she needs to retrieve her secret from a mob safe. Utilizing all of her angles to influence a love struck Hawkeye into providing the necessary distraction so that she may lift the safe from a house of ill-reputed that it’s located in. It’s time to clock out as an Avenger and go rouge into the night with the women that occupies his lust.


Sniper Elite V2 Game of the Year Edition

The GotY brings gamers all the outstanding features and intense gameplay of the last year’s TIGA award winning, critical success and bundles them with all the amazing extra content and paid for DLC available since launch including Assasinate the Führer which tasks players with changing the path of history by taking out Hitler; also features Multiplayer Expansion DLC, the wide open Neudorf Outpost & Saint Pierre DLC packs and Weapons Pack DLC.

In total the Game of the Year edition brings gamers 4 new game modes, 9 new maps (6 multiplayer / 3 single player) and 10 all new weapons.
Sniper Elite V2 Game of the Year edition is available now for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


Mockingbird and Phoenix Five Costumes return in Marvel: Avengers Alliance


Playdom is offering Mockingbird and the Phoenix Five costumes for sale as a result of a fan vote conducted this week to celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of Marvel: Avengers Alliance. Players previously could only recruit Mockingbird by completing all tasks in the first Special Operations. The Phoenix Five costumes for Cyclops, Phoenix, Emma Frost, and Colossus were only available while the third Special Operations was active. Mockingbird is worth 160 command points while each Phoenix Five costume is worth 35 command points and can only be purchased for those in the Phoenix Five who have already been recruited. The sale will run until Wednesday, March 6.


Review Teen Titans #17 “Dark Over Light”



Feeling troubled and guilty over all that has happened to the team during the Joker incident, Red Robin hopes to make it up to the others by setting up a new base of operations. This decision seems to ease all of the tension between everyone, in more ways than one. Meanwhile, forces in the light and in the dark begin making final preparations before proceeding to execute their plans. Plans that will most certainly involve the Teen Titans as one of their own is already caught in the crossfire, whether they know it or not.


Big WTF? “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag”


If you’ve been keeping up with the gaming news here on, then you might have read that Ubisoft has already announced a sequel to Assassin’s Creed 3, entitled “Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag.” And this, my friends brings me to a little bit of frustration.

Assassin’s Creed 3 was only released in October of last year, and with the multitude of technical problems that persisted in the game, you would think that maybe they’d go for the newer console or newer engine. The choice to make AC4 already brings a lot of concern for me personally, and with DLC only starting to arrive for AC3, does this mean that AC4 is going to play more like an expansion pack than a full game?