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“The Hangover Part III” Teaser Trailer

Here is a new teaser trailer for The Hangover Part III, which seems to end the trilogy back where it started in Las Vegas.


“After Earth” Trailer #2

A brand new trailer for M. Night Shaylman next film starring Will Smith and his son Jaden Smith, who crash land on planet earth 1000 years after we abandon the planet Will gets injured and it is up to Jaden to face a very dangerous and different earth that we use to know to find a beacon to get rescue.


Review Winter Soldier #16 “Bucky Meets Lord of the Flies”

Winter Soldier 16_01


Nick Fury has unleashed Russia’s greatest weapon upon his black book of evil. The Winter Soldier is out to make right the wrongs of his past. As the greatest soldier the Russian Red Room ever produced Bucky Barns has a lot to atone for. Now the sinister Father Hammer has fallen into his cross hairs Bucky will stop at nothing to take him down.  When the pursuit leads to a mysterious island inhabited by people indoctrinated into the Russian spy program The Winter Soldier now faces a grave decision. How do you fight when your attackers are children?


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Metal Gear Rising ReVengance DLC on the Way.


The first batch of DLC for Konami’s Metal Gear Rising: ReVengance has just come around, and boy is it a throwback!

The first pack of DLC are set to be the “VR Missions” pack, which feature challenges for Raiden in a Virtual Reality setting. This pays homage to the old challenge maps featured in other Metal Gear games, and contains 30 of them for players to complete. Unfortunately for Xbox players in the United States, these missions are exclusive to the Playstation 3, and will be available on Playstation Network for free from March 12 to April 3. Both Xbox and Playstation players in Europe will be able to pick up the DLC on March 13 for $1.99 on PSN and 240 Microsoft Points on the Xbox Live Marketplace.


Dead Space 3 ‘Awakened’ DLC Trailer

Some fans might not have liked Dead Space 3 as much as others, but the Awakened DLC looks to take the game back to its horror roots. The DLC is scheduled to come out on PC and Xbox 360 on Tuesday 12th March and on PlayStation 3 on Wednesday 13th March. It costs 800 Microsoft Points or $9.99, and it takes place after the events of the game; featuring new weapons, enemies, co-op play, and more.


A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: Heroine Women Behind the Man



As we all know behind every good man is an even better women. A great women can stroke a mans ego and provide them with confidence they need to succeed. In the comic world they’re multiple different women who provide just that to our favorite comic Superhero’s. From Catwoman to Batman, these women are not just the damsel in distress, but the rock that lies between them to succeed in saving the world. These women leave their mark on comic book history, not by the feats they accomplish but by the strength that they provide. Without these women these Superheros would not be the same and could not lead the world to safety. These are two comic book women that are heroines behind the man, because great devotion provides a great story.


Mass Effect Citadel DLC Review

Mass Effect

The latest Mass Effect DLC is the best one to be released in all three games. This DLC was made for that Mass Effect fan that has been waiting for all the characters to reunite from the first game to the last. The content is made up of a great mission that has a great plot twist. I did not see it coming when i was playing. All in all the mission is fun because you fight against a new enemy which makes it refreshing. The real gold in this DLC is not the combat however, it is the reunion of all the characters from all three games. This is a must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Fathom as a ‘Staff Pick’ On KickStarter!

IronSun Studio’s game Fathom has been put as a staff pick on Kickstarter. Fathom is a unique 2.5D underwater action-adventure that combines puzzle solving with exploration. It’s all set in a visually unique Steampunk environment! Fathom is set in  the 187o’s. A shipwrecked  Victorian adventurer, Nathaniel Lockhart, is lost at sea! Lockhart has no memories of the shipwreck but has visions of a mysterious design for an underwater craft called the Bathysphere. Lockhart becomes obsessed with with creating this machine and pulls together all his resources to build it! Ultimately Lockhart goes back to the waters where he was shipwrecked.


Yu-Gi-Oh HeroClix

yugioh_heroclix 4K Media Inc. announced aswell that it is creating a line of the games using the WizKids HeroClix and Dice Building Game platform, Quarriors, featuring the Yu-Gi-Oh! Classic animated library. Under the agreement, WizKids will produce a line of games based on the beloved animated series that first aired eleven years ago. The first HeroClix release will feature approximately 50 collectible HeroClix figures released with a two player Starter and Booster expansion packs. The product is expected to hit the market later this year with additional sets being released throughout 2014. Yu-Gi-Oh! HeroClix and Dice Building Games will be available at specialty, hobby and comic book stores worldwide excluding Asia.


Yu-Gi-Oh TCG Got Licensed

Yu-Gi-Oh_TCG_new_logo4K Media Inc., the newly formed, wholly owned subsidiary of Konami Digital Entertainment, announced that it is making available for license, for the first time, artwork from its world record setting trading card game. NECA is the first licensee to take advantage of this newest opportunity for the Yu-Gi-Oh! brand. Under the agreement, NECA will produce action figures, headknockers, collectible replicas, puzzles, jewelry, posters, calendars and accessories utilizing artwork from the ever popular Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game.


Review Fairest #13 “Closing Out with a Whimper”



A civil war has exploded within the Japanese Fables and it is spilling out onto the streets. Bigby Wolf and Frau Totenkinder have sided with Katagiri to remove the powerful Firefox Tomoko possesses. Rapunzel has arrived to put an end to all of the madness now that she has control of her bezoars. But it is seems that Jack will be the one who may cause everything to crash down upon everyone. And poor Joel Crow is probably going to be affected the most.

arcbanner-vintageimage-Grap (2)



Gears of War: Judgment Launch Trailer


Company of Heroes 2 Delayed Release Date and Screen Shots



company-of-heroes-2gnz8uSega of America and Sega Europe today announced that Company of Heroes 2, the eagerly anticipated strategy game from newly acquired Relic Entertainment is scheduled for release on June 25th, 2013 in North America and Europe.

Originally this games schedule goal was for early 2013. Relic Entertainment is using this delayed release to help Company of Heroes 2 meet the high standard set by its predecessor, the highest rated strategy game of all time. this title will the cutting-edge Essence 3.0 Engine, Company of Heroes 2 brings tactical strategy to life like never before, thanks to the realistic ColdTech weather system, the revolutionary dynamic line of sight system, TrueSight and realistic destructibility.


Deadpool’s Newest Trailer!!

Here is our favorite MARVEL anti-hero  doing what he does best…WHATEVER THE HELL HE WANTS! These trailer get more and more hilarious every time and with showing more about the game it just makes me that more impatient. Especially with the trailer introduction of Cable who has been MIA since MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 2, it’s great to have you back in games cable, one of my biggest hopes is the hopes that Cable will be a playable character and being able to use his gadgets. What isn’t great is that there is no word on the official release of this title so we just have to wait a little longer for that, but trust that FBG will be up to date with news release on DEADPOOL.


Microsoft Cancels the Kinect game ‘Matter’

Matter, a Kinect game that was expected to launch on Xbox Live Arcade in 2013, has been cancelled by Microsoft. It was to be the first game developed in partnership with film director Gore Verbinski and Blind Wink Games.

“Microsoft Studios is no longer pursuing this title,” says a company representative. “We have no further details to share at this time.”

Phil Spencer, Corporate VP of Microsoft Studios, told Joystiq in June last year that Verbinski had pitched Matter as a means to instill and demonstrate emotion in typically motionless game players. A futuristic metal sphere, seen moving through a futuristic landscape in the game’s E3 2012 trailer, represented an active control surface implemented through Kinect.