3 pieces of music from Secret Files 3 revealed!

Deep Silver recently released 3 pieces of music from their PC exclusive game  Secret Files 3.  The pieces of music were picked from a church at the end of the world, Nina’s bedroom and the excavation site at Potbelly Hill in Turkey.

These pieces were written by Thorsten Engel whose previous soundtrack from Lost Horizon(the previous adventure from Secret Files) was nominated for the Best Soundtrack category for the  German Game Developer Awards in 2010.

You can hear these 3 pieces on their website www.secretfiles3.deepsilver.com.

Secret files 3 is from developer Animation Arts and has a movie like quality storyline. This game is a click and point adventure with a variety of locations as well as puzzles along with beautiful graphics.  The team behind this game have worked in TV  and movie productions so this is sure to be a thrilling game.

Secret Files 3 is set to be released on PC August 31st of this year.  take a look at the trailer that was released Is anyone excited to play this game?