Heat vs Pacers game 5 recap

The Miami Heat defeated the Indiana Pacers 115-83 Tuesday game 5 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals. The Heat leads the series 3-2 and are looking to close it out on Thursday in Indianapolis. The Heat was led by no other than LeBron James, who scored 30 points, had 10 rebounds and 8 assists!!! Dwayne Wade also had an amazing offensive game with 28 points and went 10-for-13 on shooting. The Miami Heat made it look easy last night with all their steals and fastbreak scoring, it’s just like they say “Good defense leads to easy offense”.

Wow I don’t think I have anything to say about the Pacers, well at least nothing positive. They never had a lead in the game, they had a horrible shooting percentage, which was at an embarrassing 33 percent. They had poor shot selection, lack of execution in the paint, didn’t take care of the ball, got dominated on the board, couldn’t stop L. James and D. Wade, and HORRIBLE defense transition!

Although the Pacers did have some life last night with D. Granger dropping three’s and keeping them to a close game, until Granger landed wrong and twisted his ankle. D. Granger was sent to the locker room for x-rays and came out negative, he did not return to the game. If the Pacers want a game 7 their going to need to have a healthy D. Granger, an amazing defense, box out and get that rebound, and to  with shoot more than 33 percent.


Miami Heat                                                  Indiana Pacers

L. James: 30 Pts 10 Reb 8 Ast                   D. Granger: 10 Pts 1 Reb 1 Ast

D. Wade: 28 Pts 3 Reb 2 Ast                     D. West: 10 Pts 4 Reb 1 Ast

S. Battier: 13 Pts 3 Reb 1 Ast                    R. Hibbert: 8 Pts 12 Reb 1 Ast

R. Turiaf: 2 Pts 2 Reb 1 Ast                        P. George: 11 Pts 4 Reb 3 Ast

M. Chalmers: 8 Pts 11 Reb 3 Ast              G. Hill: 6 Pts 1 Reb 1 Ast