New Screenshots of Mass Effect 3 DLC: Leviathon

Bioware releases all new screen shots of Mass Effect 3’s newest DLC “Leviathon”. This Single-player DLC come with the whole package, new characters, new weapons, and a new  action packed storyline. A new entity lurks in the darkest corner of space, something that is powerful enough to easily kill a Reaper. Playing as Commander Shepard you have to race to uncover the truth behind the darkest secret the galaxy has hidden before the Reapers get to it and destroy it forever

By watching the trailer you receive a lead of another being who is as powerful as the Reapers and you chase that in hopes that it will join your mission in destroying the Reapers once and for all

This being called Leviathon lives on a planet made up of water and with the Reapers also knowing of its existence there are dead set on not allowing Commander Shepard making contact with this possible ally. Take a look at the trailer below of Bioware’s newly released DLC Leviathon:

The Leviathon DLC is now available for both PC, Xbox 360 & PS3