4J Studios To Release Texas Wuggle for iPhone and iPod Touch

Screenshot 2009.09.18 11.36.44

Based on their critically acclaimed word puzzle title Wuggle, the game sees you hustle your way from back alleys and biker bars to the high roller club in a dazzling Las Vegas casino. Unlike classic poker, you have to think fast to find winning hands from cards floating around the screen to rake in those big bucks. There’s no room for bluffs or tricks here, just non-stop poker action set across five tables and two expansive game modes.

The two modes involve Spree, which gives you ten hands in which to become a millionaire, while Survivor is purely against the clock, where you must keep finding poker hands to halt the diminishing time. With a dark, painfully sharp visual style, along with fun, accessible gameplay, Texas Wuggle is an addictive blend of tense gambling that will appeal to card sharks everywhere.

Texas Wuggle launches soon on iTunes for £0.59/$0.99/€0.79. You can follow the game on Twitter at ‘TexasWuggle’ and post screenshots of your high scores online to win a copy of the original Wuggle.

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Lookout for our review Texas Wuggle!