5 Ways to make the New Madden Game better than 13


Madden is a great game every year. Sometimes a Madden game makes huge strides, and sometimes it takes a step back. Madden 13 was a great game with the new features such as total control passing, and connected careers. The online in Madden was the same as it has been every year. The team play remained which was a great deal. Madden 13 however was not perfect. There are a couple of things that the next madden could do to greatly improve the game.

1. Make Superstar mode much more engaging. Superstar mode is a great idea, however they need to make it much more interactive and add more choices that players can do, right now it seems really limited.

2. Bring back Fantasy Draft in offline seasons. Fantasy drafts are extremely fun to do. This year madden left that out of the offline seasons which was a huge blow to a great feature that was included in the past.

3. Make the defensive front more realistic. In Madden i found that my defensive tackles were not getting sacks like they would in real life. That needs to be fixed because the point of picking a good team is because of how good they are in real life.

4. Make the options of being a coach and a owner much more interactive. Like in superstar mode there are a bit of limiting options to what you can do in the game.

5. Adjust how players develop in seasons. If a player scores 20 touchdowns as a receiver his rating should go considerably up. Madden does not do a good job at “leveling up” the players.