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CoD Pro Circuit Round Up

MLG Pro Circuit

We are literally only 3 days away from UMG Philly and the roster changes keep happening. This time though we also have some announcements that were made today.



A little after sBusiness picked up TuQuick to complete their roster, they dropped him to pick up Saints. This then left the roster of sB as CENSATION, Apathy, FEARS and now Saints.



Literally on the same day that eQuinox picked up the team of MBoze, StaiNViLLe, SpaceLy and Saints, they had disaster. Right after eQunoz had announced that they had a team for UMG, Saints left the team to join sB. Right after that MBoze left the team and became a free agent. As a result of all this eQuinox just decided to completely drop the roster of StaiN and SpaceLy and have no team for UMG. This then left MBoze, StaiNViLLe, and SpaceLy as free agents going into UMG Philly.



As a result of Realize retiring from competitive Call of Duty, Dare was left looking for one. The spot would later be filled by PHAZE who joined the team to complete the roster of Demented, Wolf and MoTi.



Earlier today Fuse dropped Sin from their roster. Almost immediately after announcing that, they let everyone know that they would be picking up StaiNViLLe who was released from eQuinox earlier this week. Fuse’s roster now is Historify, Thing2, Wheat7s and now StaiNViLLe.


In a shocking turn of events, BigTymer announced today thru a Youtube video that he would be retiring from competing in CoD and that UMG Philly will be his last event. In that same video he also told everyone that he wasn’t leaving the Optic Team house and that actually after UMG he will be the new coach for Optic. This means one of the greats in competitive CoD would be retiring and also that Optic will in need of one after UMG this weekend. If you wish to watch the video then just click here.


The Optic change is huge surprise and that means that after UMG all hell will break loose to see what player goes with them. Until then UMG will mark the end of a great player in this community.