PSN Update

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Beaterator Price Drop (was $39.99; now $19.99)
Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars Price Drop (was $39.99; now $29.99)
Holy Invasion of Privacy Badman Price Drop (was $19.99; now $9.99)
Brain Challenge Price Drop (was $9.99; now $4.99)
Unbound Saga Sale (regular price $9.99; sale price $4.99)
Tetris Sale (regular price $9.99; sale price $6.99)
Burn Zombie Burn (regular price $9.99; sale price $4.99)

Downloadable Games


PSone Classics: PS3/PSP

Final Fantasy VIII ($9.99)

Game Demos (free)

Gran Turismo 5 Time Trial Challenge

Army of TWO: The 40th Day Demo

TV Show King Demo

Guitar Hero Van Halen Demo

Diner Dash Demo


Add-on Game Content

PAIN Red Jimmy Character ($0.99)

SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs Confrontation Cold Front ($9.99)

Brutal Legend Hammer Of Infinite Fate ($4.99)

NBA 10 Holiday Shoe Pack (free)

Guitar Hero 5

* “Hi-Speed Soul” by Nada Surf ($1.99)
* “Sister Jack” by Spoon ($1.99)
* “Cut Your Hair” by Pavement ($1.99)
* Indie Rock Track Pack ($5.49)

Rock Band

* “Gives You Hell”— All-American Rejects ($1.99)
* “This is War”— 30 Seconds to Mars ($1.99)
* “Kings and Queens”— 30 Seconds to Mars ($1.99)
* “Christian’s Inferno”— Green Day ($1.99)
* “Last of the American Girls”— Green Day ($1.99)
* “¡Viva la Gloria!”— Green Day ($1.99)
* Green Day Pack 2 ($5.49)

The Beatles: Rock Band

* “Girl” by The Beatles ($1.99)
* “In My Life” by The Beatles ($1.99)
* “Michelle” by The Beatles ($1.99)
* “Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)” by The Beatles ($1.99)
* “Nowhere Man” by The Beatles ($1.99)
* “Run For Your Life” by The Beatles ($1.99)
* “The Word” by The Beatles ($1.99)
* “Think For Yourself” by The Beatles ($1.99)
* “Wait” by The Beatles ($1.99)
* “What Goes On” by The Beatles ($1.99)
* “You Won’t See Me” by The Beatles ($1.99)
* Rubber Soul Album ($17.99)
Game Videos (free)

ModNation Racers “Express Yourself” Trailer

SOCOM: Fireteam Bravo 3 Dev Diary #1

Critter Crunch “A Barf in the Night” Trailer

Mushroom Wars Trailer 2

High Velocity Bowling Jarvis & Ginger Trailer

Red Dead Redemption Trailer 2

Planet 51 Launch Trailer



Smash Cars Theme (free)

Digger HD Theme (free)

Mushroom Wars Theme (free)

Smash Cars B&W Theme (free)

Guitar Hero Van Halen Theme (free)

Legion Theme (free)

Assassin’s Creed II Ezio Theme ($0.99)

Bianca Premium Plus Theme ($1.99)

Lindsay Kaye Theme ($1.99)

The Hangover Theme ($1.99)

Transformers 2 Theme ($1.99)

STAR TREK: TOS Dynamic Theme Dual Pack $4.99

STAR TREK: TOS Blue Edition Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

STAR TREK: TOS Red Edition Dynamic Theme ($2.99)

Gaze Theme ($1.99)

Tropical Paradise Theme ($1.49)

Wallpaper (free)

UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves Wallpaper 3

Gravity Crash Sun Wallpaper