A Fangirl Discussion: Epitome of Evil Female Nemesis

Female Villians


They are many female characters that can be listed within the bad girls club. Some are memorable; others are just a straight case frustration or send you back to the restart point.  Whatever, the game these female characters broke the chains within the gaming world.  Sometimes evil is just evil, but these female characters made the gaming experience more fun, exciting, and sometimes made you feel empathetic to their needs of taking out revenge. This is a weekly countdown of the most amazing, and most memorable villainesses of the gaming world. Because lets face it men some of these females bosses are more deadly than men!



Lets face it everyone who played Portal and Portal 2 felt mentally abused after finishing this game, you MONSTER. GLaDOS is a Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System responsible for testing and maintenance in the Aperture Science research facility.  In the beginning of the game most gamers feel that GLaDOS is just helping aid the player to finish the goal. However, this is not the case. Her snarky remarks and evil actions become vividly clear to the gamer that this female robot just does not like you. In fact, GLaDOS malicious actions are so hateful that she only allows your best friend to be an inanimate object, oh and she tries to kill you. Some gamers felt so used and abused by GLaDOS that some called her narcissistic, passive-aggressive, sinister, and just straight mean. However, do not worry fellow gamers that will be cake at the end of this game. “Cake is a Lie”


Alma Wade

F.E.A.R states it all in the title. This psychological horror first person shooter video game really messed with your mind. F.E.A.R revolves around the supernatural, the untold and unseen aspects in the game. Literally, every move you make could really be your last, as nothing is really held back in this game. The story revolves around a man who possesses superhuman reflexes that is trying to uncover the secrets of a paranormal menace. What happens if this menace turns outs to be in the form of a little girl? Well you get a game that is scary as hell, because who wants to shoot a little girl who creepily walks in front of you, has psychic abilities, and leaves blood trails. So what makes Alma such an amazing nemesis? Alma is one of those characters that you feel for because she is a little girl. The deeper you get into the story the more you understand her act for revenge. Alma’s mystery is the very core of this series.  There are times in this game where you just wish she would leave you alone, and you do not know who you are fighting anymore her or the individuals shooting at you.

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