A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: Achievement Junkie and Xbox One


So if there is one thing that made the Xbox One very interesting to this Fangirl was the way that Achievements are going to be handled. Microsoft was very vague about all the details that gamers were hunger for, and waiting for the gaming aspect provided some understanding, as E3 is right around the corner. However, we did get to see all the details in regards to how Xbox Achievements are going to change and this Fangirl can honestly say that I like where they are going!


Achievements will follow you to the Xbox One

During the Xbox Press Conference we were provided just a little glimpse at what is going to happen with your achievements. It was confirmed that your Xbox One gamer tag and achievements would follow you to the Xbox One. Which is a pretty smart idea because as gamers there are some people who care about that gamer score and what they have accomplished within the gaming world!


Xbox One Achievements will follow you inside the game and outside!

This raised a lot of questions with gamers!  For an example, how will this work? We all know that Xbox achievements will provide a lot of room for game publishers and developers, but how will Microsoft incorporate its own achievements outside the game? There have been rumors that this might include things like watching a football game and tracking your fantasy team using Snap Mode, or possibly playing a game while connected via party chat or Skype.  Regardless there is still a lot of questions gamers have about how this will all work and I am sure E3 will provide that answer to us!


Xbox One Achievements will cater to way YOU play!

Being an achievement junkie this announcement was so good hear. Granted I am hoping that individuals Gamerscore’s will not be handed out purely for promotional value, and Davison was pretty clear that Microsoft knows the value that Achievements take with gamers. This made me really excited, because of how achievements are expanding in the next generation and the use of the cloud is where this is going to happen. Chad Gibsion an Xbox Live’s principle group manager quoted, “We find a pattern where a user will purchase a game, they’ll play the game, they’ve maxed out achievements within three to four weeks, but they’re playing the game six months later, this is why in this generation we’ve got cloud achievements, so a game developer can be adding achievements weekly, monthly, or quarterly and constantly be adding new opportunities for the game player and to constantly maintain and offer a fun experiences for those users.”  Hearing this news is a big achievement from Microsoft and answers the question that this Xbox One will be catered to the gamer and for the gamer! If your still not convinced E3 is right around the corner so we will see what happens!


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