A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: Achievement Junkie Epic Failures


Ever have those achievements where you thought it was an epic fail? Maybe you were playing a game to where you got tricked into doing something that you probably shouldn’t, (Like taking someone’s advise and jumping down a pit) or possibly maybe just hanging out during a zombie apocalypse trying not to get eaten. Regardless these achievements are part of some of the epic failures that we receive in gaming. So set back and relax or maybe even stress out in the countless hours of game playing for some epic failure.


Portal 2 –“Pitboss”

Portal 2 is first person puzzle vide game developed by Valve Corporation.  Portal 2 is the sequel to the beloved Portal game released back in 2007. Portal 2 mainly consist of series of puzzles that must be solved by teleporting the player’s character through simple objects using the portal device. The “Pitboss” achievement is one of the most epic failures in the game but a pretty funny one. Spoiler Alert! At one point through the Portal 2 game your semi-villain used to be friend Wheatley tries to incite your player to jump down a pit after failing to kill them within the game. However, doing this will help you achieve the 30g you deserve making this one epic failure of actually falling to your death.


Dead Rising Cover

Dead Rising –“7 Day Survivor”

Dead Rising is an open world survival horror video game developed by Capcom. The game follows your character Frank West who ends up trapped in a shopping mall infested with zombies. The key to this game is survive including defending yourself from zombie attacks, rescue survivors, and contend with crazed psychopaths. The 7-Day Survivor achievement is to survive for at least 7 days in Infinity mode. Doing this will earn you the 20g points on your achievement list but it is not an easy achievement to gain and is one of the reasons why trying to gain this achievement is usually an epic fail. After unlocking Infinity mode the gamer will need to eat regularly to keep Frank’s health topped off. Seven days in the game pretty much equals up to about 14 hours of game play. However, your health bar runs down in just 20 minute and that means you must eat a lot of meals to survive while trying to fend off zombies with no saves or checkpoints. That’s right folks no saving in this mode! Good luck with this one! A lot of people just give up!!

Have you ever gotten the achievement for Pitboss or 7-Day Survivor? Did you give up? Any other epic fails you can think of in the achievement world? Comment below and let me know. Also do not forget to follow me on twitter @kupid149

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