A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: Achievement Junkie Part 2. How did I miss that?



At the end of a game have you ever looked back at the achievements and thought to yourself, how did I miss that? Where was that achievement? Or there is no way I could ever get this one? Achievements in a game can be quite complicated to achieve. There are times where an individual feels that there are no way those achievements can be gained, or maybe you feel as though going back through a game again might not be worth the accomplishment. However, achievements are gained by skill, practice, or perseverance by finishing or accomplishing your goal. Though it may feel stressful, or even hard work, a gamer can gain all the heroism from achieving their goal. This is a continuation of  the weekly countdown of the most satisfying, most frustrating, and achievements missed when gaming. So sit back and relax all you gamers out there! This article will answer the question of how did I miss that in the achievement world!


Dishonored- Clean Hands

Dishonored Clean Hands Achievement can be quite complicated and down right frustrating. In fact, many gamers who attempt this type of achievement can go through a level or even a part multiple different times before even moving on.  In addition, many gamers felt that this achievement was not even possible to obtain and felt that there was a glitch within their game. However, this is not true (sorry guys). The Clean Hands Achievement can be achieved by playing the entire game without killing one individual. Dishonored a stealth active adventure video game set in a fictional, plague-ridden city. Your character Corvo Attano is framed for murder and is forced to become an assassin. (Makes you wonder why they would even put an achievement like this in the game). However, this type of achievement can be mastered with a little skill. An individual can earn this achievement by avoiding the following: Human Kills by Corvo, human kills by other means after being knocked by Corvo, human kills by rewired devices, human kills by weepers, and skipping missions. There are a couple of tricks that one gamer can use while tying to obtain this achievement. First, the gamer can use Possession ability that will allow the gamer to sneak through quietly, and go through walls of light almost undetected. However, when using Possession ability be sure to be careful when running into guards. If you decide to use the choking method be sure to always catch your victims, without this your victims could fall off a ledge, drown, or even be eating by rats which will cause a kill. In addition, gamers can use Ghost and Faceless abilities to allow your character to sneak through the city without getting spotted.  So still feel like this achievement can’t be gained? Use these tips and try to play through. There is only one way to find out and the 100g or golden trophy is worth a great feat.


Ever play Dishonored? Were you able to gain the Clean Hands Achievement? If not what was your favorite achievement from any game? Do not forget to follow me on Twitter @kupid149