A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: Achievement Junkie Part 3 Achievements that Make You Cry

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May Contain Spoilers


Have you ever played a game either got to the end, or somewhere in between, or gained an achievement that made you cry? When playing a video game there are some achievements that are provided when finishing a level, or earned through practice, or just stumbled upon. However, whatever achievement is gained through a gaming experience there are times where these achievements just down right make you cry.  These are two achievements that will make you cry when either finishing a game, or somewhere in-between. So grab a tissue box, because these achievements will have you crying at the end!

The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead-What Remains Achievement

Named game of the year in 2012, The Walking Dead video game shocked everyone with its adaptation of survival during the zombie apocalypse. The Walking Dead is an episodic point and click adventure role-playing video game available on all platforms. The game consisted of five episodes with events that occurred shortly after the onset of the zombie apocalypse. During your act of survival, convicted murder Lee Everett helps rescue and care for a young girl named Clementine. The object of the game is to survive while caring for Clementine. Throughout each episode your player encounters multiple different survivors and the game play is adapted to the player’s choice when dealing with different obstacles your player overcomes.  The What Remains achievement was by far saddest and most difficult ending in a game. This achievement by far is on the list of achievements that make you cry. The emotions you feel while playing Lee Everett and helping Clementine really hit you by the end of this game. There were times myself where I cried out screaming, “this cannot be happening.” So bravo Telltale games you really know how to make us cry our eyes out and end with a great finale!







Batman Arkham City-Pay Your Respects Achievement

Batman: Arkham City is the second installment in the Batman series through DC Comics. This action-adventure video game developed by Rocksteady allows the player to control Batman through the chaos that is Arkham City. The object to the game is to uncover the secret of Arkham’s Protocal 10, while defending the city from thieves, criminals, and even the insane. Batman: Arkham City is an open world game with thousands of rabbit trails to go down from hunting Riddler trophies to protecting citizens from muggers. Arkham City’s world is so open that many individuals while playing this game miss the “Pay Your Respect” achievement. However, when running into the Pay Your Respects achievement, be sure to remember that this achievement will need a tissue. Everyone who has ever read the Batman comics or even saw the movie knows that Bruce Wayne’s parents are murdered when Bruce was just a young child. The Pay Your Respects achievement brings you back to the site of where Bruce’s parents were viciously gunned down in Crime Alley behind the Monarch Theater. This emotional achievement will have you needing tissues while you pay respects to a family that was lost.


Ever play The Walking Dead Video game? Ever play Batman: Arkham City? Did any of these achievements make you cry? Are there any other games or achievements that you got a tear in your eye? Comment below and let me know. Also do not forget to follow me on twitter @kupid149

2 thoughts on “A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: Achievement Junkie Part 3 Achievements that Make You Cry

  1. Not an achievement but I remember getting a little choked up when I got to the end of Lunar The Silver Star after beating the Magic Emperor. Imo Lunar has always been the greatest love story in a video game.

    Lunar 2 also had many memorable moments, especially when Lucia finds Althena.

    Final Fantasy X’s ending desires an honorable mention and of course, that infamous scene with Aeris in Final Fantasy 7.

  2. Dios-X thanks for your comment. Wow Lunar that’s old school, but I have to agree . Man I haven’t thought of that game in a while. Good one. I never played final fantasy x ill have to check it out I stopped at 7, but 7 was a great game and had a great scene. Thanks for your comment again ill defiantly be doing an article about anime in gaming soon. 🙂

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