A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: CRTL+SHIFT+Paradigm = Female Characters that Changed Gaming

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Chances are if you are gamer, you have probably run into some great characters in your time. Characters that you are a fan of, were able to identify with, and captured your heart. However, in today’s gaming society we are now starting to see a rise of females who have dominated the character world. Some have even left gamers mouths open when they realized they were playing a female. Others are hell bend on taking earth back, going on adventures, fighting the force, or some just love to test. This is weekly discussion on female characters that changed the face of gaming.





Bastila Shan 


“The Force fights with me!” For anyone who has played Knights of the Old Republic Bastila Shan was probably one of your favorite characters. Bastila Shan was no HK-47 comic relieve, but a Jedi Knight with a rare gift of battle meditation. Throughout the game Bastila Shan was your companion, your friend, moral compass, and possible lover. Who wouldn’t want this Jedi to turn to the Dark Side? (Spoiler Alert: She does). However, your characters bond with Bastila Shan grows so strong throughout this open galaxy world. So how did Bastila Shan change gaming? Bastila Stan was one of the first times your character could romance another. This ability allowed the gamer to get more involved into the gaming experience, aka: love. Bastila Stan character really allowed gamers to fall in love all over with the Star Wars Universe again, and remains one of thee most talked about characters in gaming. In fact her legacy still lives on through her great grandniece Satele Stan, and in books such as Revan. Who wouldn’t want to talk about Bastila Shan she is good looking.





Samus Aran


HOLLY CRAP IM A GIRL??? This is the reaction that most gamers got when finding out the armor-clad bounty hunter was actually a female after playing Metroid. This reveal became such a shock that Metroid is on many gamers best jaw-dropping moments. (For those of you not alive in 1986 the feeling would emulate years of playing Halo when Master Chief removes its helmet to revile a woman). The reveal was so shocking that not even the instructions of the game knew she was a female. So how did Samus Aran change gaming? Sumus Aran has remained one of the most prominent female characters in gaming. With over millions of Metroid copies sold Samus Aran remains one of the most popular female characters in a male-dominated role. In addition, Samus Aran has featured in comic books, multiple different video games, and made the Guinness World Records. Great job fooling us all Samus Aran and making it to the top!



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