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A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: Deadpool Achievement Junkie


The new Deadpool game has a lot of people taking. This action hack and slash third person shooter video game is based on marvels comic character Deadpool and was developed by High Moon Studios. High Moon Studios did an amazing job with this game and finally brought to life the Deadpool character that everyone wanted to see! This is because Deadpool frequently breaks the forth wall and verbally interacts with the player based on their skills and progress. In addition, he also uses his words quite well within this game including his crazy antics. However, what make’s this game worth all the fun is the many different gag achievements you can add to your xbox gamer score!  Here are two achievements that you shouldn’t miss out on when playing the new Deadpool game!


Makin’ a game!  10g Achievement

The Makin’ a game achievement is one achievement that you have to gain when playing the Deadpool game. The Makin’ a game achievement consists of you playing with Deadpool’s junk. In order to gain this achievement the player will have the option to walk around Deadpool’s apartment and play with his junk. There are multiple different ways to gain this achievement and 14 things you can do to obtain it. I would recommend trying to gain this achievement before answering the door. Items of Deadpool’s junk include: watching tv, guitar practice, napping on the dirty couch, messing with the bookcase, make a call, play with the dog, cook, open refrigerator, pizza time next to the oven, use the bathroom, make a stink pickle, interact, use the internet, check your gun load out. By doing this you can obtain the Makin’ a game achievement good luck!


Let’s try one more time… 10g Achievement

If there was one thing that I loved about this game is the Let’s try one more time achievement. It was pretty shocking to see this within the game let alone what the achievement consists of. To gain this achievement the player must slap wolverine a bunch of times. In order to gain this achievement you will need to do this in the beginning of level 4 named Ganosha. The player will then crash land a ship and throw wolverine into the center area. Once this is done the player can then walk to wolverine’s unconscious body to interact with him, and then slap wolverine face. The player will have to do this multiple times in order to gain this achievement, making this achievement one of the funniest achievements for anyone who is a Deadpool fan!

So what do you think about the Deadpool game? Have you played it? Loved it or hated it? Comment below and let me know! Also do not forget to follow me on twitter @kupid149