A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: Heroine Comics Women are Addicted To


How many of you grew up reading comics? I can honestly say that I have! Comic books have been around long before we even set foot on this planet. It is because of this that the comic book industry has changed drastically by opening the door to other alternatives including graphic novels, underground books, Maga, and web comics. Who ever thought that comics would now appear digitally? Comics have become so popular within the community that there is even an International Read Comics in Public Day. This is weekly countdown to the comics that women are addicted to. Yes women, (shocking but true) we do read comics. We can be nerdy to.


Scott Pilgrim  

Before the movie, this comic was just a simple love story between a boy and a girl, but complicated.  The Scott Pilgrim series begins with a 23-year-old slacker and part-time musician who ends up falling in love with a delivery girl Ramona Flowers.  In doing this Scott Pilgrim must defeat Roman’s seven evil exes in order to date her. Scott Pilgrim is a great series and one comic that women are addicted to. There are multiple different reasons why Scott Pilgrim captures the hearts of the ladies. For one, Scott Pilgrim fights for love! In addition, not only it is an amazing graphic novel series but also has a different arrange of multiple different female characters. All the female characters in this book portray different aspects of wit and spunk. Lastly Scott Pilgrim is addicting. I guarantee that if you gave a copy of Scott Pilgrim to any women friend of yours they would instantly love the book and be on a serious Scott Pilgrim binge. What makes this comic so addicting is the aspect of the story, the art style, fun and witty characters, and loads of gaming references that appeal to any “nerd at heart girl”. So go pick up a copy. You wont be disappointed.



Do you want to live in a fantasy world? Wish you could? Do you already? Then Fables might be the comic for you. This Vertigo comic book series is based on fairy tales and folklore creatures that refer to themselves as Fables. Who does not want to read about childhood stories that you grew up with? In fact, this comic is so popular that it was scripted into a two different TV shows, any thoughts? What provides this comic with such addicting aspects the women is what the comic book provides to the readers. In one book the reader might be stumble upon Snow White, or Red Ridding Hood. Others might venture into the aspect of Santa Claus. Yes even Santa Claus is addressed in this comic series. In addition, women are addicted to this series because of iconic take within the characters that allows the women to venture off into the unknown and flawed personalities. Fables mystical creatures and dark undertones provide a great addiction to any female counterpart.  So men if you are looking for a great comic to provide your lady, go pick up Fables. I guarantee that her love for you will be fully operational!

Have you read Scott Pilgrim or Fables? If so what do you love about them? Any comic book series you are into? Comment below and let me know! Don’t forget to follow me @kupid149