A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: TV shows Women Love That Men could get into


Move over Netflix and Hulu! TV is making a comeback! Though Netflix and Hulu are great tools in streaming videos, especially when having up to date TV shows, and access to hundreds of movies. There is nothing like getting excited and setting that DVR to record your favorite show or watching that TV show in live time so individuals do not spoil the episode on twitter. There are more shows that are breaking the boundaries and becoming more popular within the younger and older crowed. In addition, it is because of this that more women are starting to become addicted to these different aspects. This is a weekly countdown of TV shows that women love, and men could really get into. This might shock you men out there, so grab some snacks and spend some together time with your lady. They will love you for it!

When going to Comic-Con I had my doubts about this show. However, I have to say that this show is probably one of my favorite series on TV and that is saying a lot. Arrow is an action-adventure television series based on the character Green Arrow. (For those of you who do not know who Green Arrow is, read a book. Hint Hint: DC).  This series follows Oliver Queen, a billionaire playboy who comes back alive from the dead after spending five years stranded on a hostile island caused from a shipwreck. Upon Oliver Queens return home, he turns into a secret green-hooded vigilante to fight the crime and the corrupt while using is trademark weapon bow and arrows. So why do women love this show? This show features great characters, great acting, amazing action scenes and a great story line. In addition, it is based on a comic! I can say it would be the one-show men out there that you could feel proud saying your lady loves. Not only could you both enjoy it together, but can become as addicted to it as she is.

New GirlNew Girl

I know what you men out there are saying, New Girl really? Well if you have not watched New Girl you are truly missing out! New Girl is centered around a character Jessica Day who’s bubbly personality makes her really stand out. After breaking up with her boyfriend Jessica is in search of a new place to live when she ends up rooming with three other men. There really is not point to this show in general besides the fact that it is really funny.  Women love this show because it provides the prefect combination of comedy and story. The characters are very relatable.  In addition, what person has not ever had a roommate before and felt like their life was a comedy? What really make’s this show stand out is the different personalities of each character in the show. Jessica is just awkward, Nick is a slacker, Schmidt is a formerly fat corporate junkie with a big mouth always trying to be cool, Winston a former basketball player, and Cece a model who is Jessica’s childhood friend. So why could guys get into this show? New Girl is seriously funny. For any guy who has been looking for a show where they can relate to men in general New Girl is it. It even comes with its own douche bag jar.

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5 thoughts on “A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: TV shows Women Love That Men could get into

  1. New Girl is awesome, I have never met one person who didn’t like New Girl. Zooey Deschanel is perfect!!!

  2. Yea Zooey Dechanel is really perfect in the show I have to agree. The guys as well make this show seriously funny, but Zooey does a great job. My favorite moment from her is when shes trapped in the house of all glass…I have had that moment from time to time…lol

  3. Seriously agree. Arrow is a pretty rad show. I thought it wouldn’t be at first but it really is pretty amazing!

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