A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: What You Missed at Comic-Con 2013


Comic-Con 2013 has now come to a close, and some fans of the con are suffering from severe Comic-Con blues or post Comic-Con hangover. However, don’t worry my fellow nerds this Fangirl is here to help you get through the after Comic-Con effects. As we all know Comic-Con has turned into a media spectrum of stars, lights, and the unattainable collectable toys from Hasbro. However, there are still a lot of things about Comic-Con that you probably missed out on when standing fifteen hours waiting to get into Hall H. Here is your guide on comics and exclusive toys that you missed at this year Comic-Con.



This year there were multiple different comic vendors and exclusives at Comic-Con that were probably missed out when going to this years Comic-Con. Being a fan of Comic-Con there are times that even the star studded lights and being able to be the first to see exclusive content at a panel that individuals sometimes miss out on what Comic-Con is all about the comics! This year there were multiple different artists, and writers on hand at this year’s comic convention including Ed Brubaker, J. Michael Stracznski, Geoff Johns and Ryan Michael Bendis. However, if you were not able to get you favorite books signed by these amazing comic gods there was also some exclusive Comic-Con addition comic’s that you probably missed out on.  A couple of comic-con addition comics included exclusives from DC of Batman #21 Variant-Covered Comic, Superman: Unchained #1 Variant-Covered Comic and Justice League #22 Variant-Covered Comic (Bring on Trinity Wars!). Other exclusives included multiple convention additions from IDW and DarkHorse including Star Wars #7 Exclusive Cover, The Strain: The Fall #11 Exclusive Cover, Artist Edition: Jack Davis EC Stories Signed and Limited, and Best of EC Artist’s Edition signed by the legendary Al Feldstein. If there is one thing that comic-con fans need to remember is that comic-con is still about the comics! These limited additions were only sold at comic-con and were a must have for comic fans! So if you missed out there is always next year….maybe!


Exclusive Toys

Let the 43rd annual toy hunger games begin and may the odds be ever in your favor!  Trying to grab exclusive toys at comic-con just seems like a hassle and sometimes a waste of time. More people spend countless hours at the Habro line just trying to grab something exclusive at comic-con. However, what people do not know are the other countless exclusives at comic-con that just seems no one even bothered to see. Here are a couple of exclusive toys you missed at this years comic-con. DC had a lot of exclusives on hand and even on Sunday still had all of them available to sell. However if there is one exclusive you missed out on at DC was the Superheroes of Green Lantern Four-Pack. This exclusive pack included: Green Lantern Sinestro, Dex-Starr, Arkillo, and Black Hand. This is one collector piece of DC that you should own within your collection at home! Being a huge Locke & Key fan if there is one exclusive that had to be snatched up at the IDW was the long awaited Music Box Key. What I love about IDW is only few of them are sold so if you missed out on this good luck trying to get one! Finally if there is one thing that you missed out on at Comic-Con this year for any Star Wars fan was the Wrath of Rancor tree ornament from Hallmark. Only 1,800 pieces will be sold and this year’s comic convention only had 200 on hand to sell! Making this piece fan favorite for any Star Wars lover in your home! If you didn’t get you hand at these exclusives don’t worry. Check out Amazon or even eBay. Though you might pay a pretty penny for it most of these can be found there! Go snatch them up!!


Did you go to this year San Diego Comic-Con? If so what was your best comic-con moment? Was there any other exclusives or comics that you picked up?