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A Fangirl Weekly Discussion: Will the Xbox One Fan Debate Ever End as New Petition Starts???


The Xbox One was announced just a few months ago in May and since then fans have had a lot to talk about in regards to what their thoughts were about the Xbox One. However, if there is one thing that Microsoft did wrong was marketing the idea of the Xbox One and what it had to offer. Well it seems now that fans are now still making there voices heard in regards to the Xbox One that another petition has started asking Microsoft to restore the Xbox One policies it reversed following E3.


Since the announcement of the Xbox One fans were in outrage that the console had to check in every 24 hours, and that trading used games might be a thing of the past. However, what fan’s did not see was the potential that the Xbox One had in allowing the family share plan that will allow up to any ten friends of your choosing to play any of your video game library including at the same time and on different consoles, the ability to let friends who are on your list borrow games, on top of not having to wait for updates to download or delay game play and buy, trade and sale digital rights.


Well fans are making themselves heard again with this petition. In the petition on  the organizer David Fontenot asks Microsoft to  “give us back the Xbox One we were promised at E3.”  In addition the petition also states, “This was to be the future of entertainment. A new wave of gaming where you could buy games digitally, then trade, share or sell those digital licenses. Essentially, it was Steam for Xbox, but consumers were uninformed, and railed against it, and it was taken away because Sony took advantage of consumers uncertainty. We want this back. It can’t be all or nothing, there must be a compromise.”

In all honesty this Fangirl has to agree with organizer David Fontenot as I believe that bad marketing and not letting the fans get a understanding of what the new Xbox One was really all about. The new generation of gaming and the Xbox One had it all if people really understood what the console was really going to provide. The console war really hated up after E3, and after research many gamers are seeing the other option. With only over 8,000 signatures left needed, is this something you would sign for? Or maybe possibly give the fans the option?


What are your thoughts on this petition? Do you think gamers are now really seeing the potential of the Xbox One and felt they made a mistake? Comment below and let me know! Also do not forget to follow me on twitter @kupid149


  1. I wouldn’t recommend signing it if you are an Xbox fan. There is a misunderstanding on what the fans really want. Wanting to bring back the family share plan and wanting the Xbox One we promised at E3 are two different things. You don’t have to bring back E3’s Xbox to be able to share games. Microsoft will never go back to the E3 Xbox One because of money. I also think it is going to take more than 25,000 signatures.

    If you want a compromise and you want the Xbox to succeed as well as change gaming then what you should be petitioning is to bring back the “Family Share Plan” and not E3’s Xbox. A way this can be done is to let the disc based games remain as-is and apply the “Family Share Plan” features to digital downloads. With this setup you will have the best of both world and essentially the choice is up to the gamer. I would start a new petition for that kind of setup. Hell I would even start it myself if I knew I had some support behind it.

  2. Ty,
    Thanks for commenting always appreciate it. I agree but have to agree at some things. Again I think the misconception here is bad marketing from Microsoft. Your comment of leaving the games as is why people are not understanding the concept. People will still be able to share, sell and trade games. It’s letting you the consumer have the rights to digital licenses to trade that, sell it and probably get more money than what gamestop gives you. Xbox didn’t put any restrictions on that or letting a friend borrow a game other than the fact they have to be on your friends list. I think the petition here is to compromise give fans the option.

  3. Well if the petition is trying to compromise then it shouldn’t say bring back the Xbox from E3. If they did that then that would turn the Xbox 180 into a “360” and I think doing a complete 360 would look worse in the public’s eye. That would also mean to bring back the 24hr check-ins and the need to always be online and it would also reinstate the region lock. The problem people have with what they were trying to do with the discs is that the games were tied to the gamer’s account and if you bought a used game you would have to pay a transfer fee in order to transfer the game to your account. Basically doing what EA does with their online passes. However they never said how much the fee would be. Also, I know people who don’t like being forced to install the full game to your HDD especially if they are only supplying a 500GB HDD. Either way I want both Xbox and Playstation to both succeed because it will create healthy competition.

    Here one thing to try, take a step back and pretend you never owned a Xbox and see how it looks from the outside looking in.

  4. Ty,
    Again this is were you are not understanding the concept. 24 hour checks and downloads don’t bother me. Maybe I can see that part, but my computer is always on so to not have to download things or wait for downloads I’m ok with. Also another misconception you just said download games to hard drive another misconception it downloads yes but is tied to your cloud. Second paying the fee, not true again. Like I said earlier if you were on my friends list you could borrow my game I have control of the digital rights people who are smart do this now with transfer of DLC it’s a back door right now with Xbox but would be amazing if they put that feature on it. It isn’t just tied to just your Xbox people can play it and people never let them explain how people can transfer those rights again puts it in the hands of consumers so another misconception.

  5. Let me be clear, I am not trying to debate what bothers you or what you are OK with on the “E3” version of the Xbox. I understand that you were happy for the most part with the “E3” Xbox One. I am talking in terms of the general population in regard the Xbox One and the reaction to it. From the various podcasts, youtube videos, and various articles on gaming sites that I have read majority of the complaints was that people wanted the family share plan and that is it. Some were willing accept the restrictions while some were not. All I am saying is the majority of the population does not want the E3 Xbox, they just want the family share plan feature which they can do without bringing back the “E3” Xbox.

    Also, the fees that I was referring to was on used games not with sharing games but this is the one that they left up to the publisher on if they would even allow you to trade in a game. So if I bought a physical game a publisher could say I can’t trade it or I can trade it but only with a certain retailer and a fee may be involved. I don’t think the used game market needs to change except to maybe add more options and not restrictions. Another thing you mentioned was that you don’t have to download the full game to your hard drive which is false they even said it at their reveal that you have to download the physical disc to your hard drive and everything would run from the hard drive and yes you are right it is tied to your account which is also means it is tied to the cloud. Again this was something reported on numerous sites.

    One more thing if they were clear on all of their features and having everyone on the same page instead one person say one thing and then another person would say something else things probably would be a lot different.

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