A Weekly Fangirl Disclosure: Video Games that Women Love to Play

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It is no surprise that men are dominant within the game-playing world. However, this might come as a shocker as there are a lot of women who love playing video games too and could also be better then you! This is a weekly count down of all the video games that girls love playing and some might even come as a shocker.



The Sims

The Sims is a huge game and women love playing it. This life simulation video game series is one of the fastest growing video game series of all time. So why do women love it? What makes The Sims such an amazing game is not just the life simulation, and building your own character, but the viability of the game. The Sims is available on pretty much every single platform. So this allows the women gamer to have the availability of the game and easy access to their Sims world pretty much anyway they want it. Thats right, there is even App for it! In addition, women love being able to escape to their own fantasy world. The Sims allows you to do this. Finally, the Sims series is addicting. The Sims is its own gateway drug to video game world. Who doesn’t spend countless hours making their characters, building their houses’, and destroying lives? Lets be honest, what woman doesn’t like to be in control?  So men, if you want your woman to get into video games start her off on The Sims. It’s the perfect hidden guilty pleasure for women.

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft
Yes women do play World of Warcraft believe it or not. However, men reading this article about 80% of them play as men. So beware of hitting on women within the game, yup there probably men. World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-play game or MMORPG set in a fantasy universe. With one of the world’s highest online subscribers, many women want a piece of that action. So why is World of Warcraft so popular with the ladies? For one females love questing in a fantasy filled world. It is no question that women love to escape to their own fantasy filled universe and questing makes it that much fun. World of Warcraft helps a women escape from their own world of responsibilities and allows the woman gamer to go anywhere and do whatever they want. It also allows the women who are not so good at video games to venture off alone without the worrisome of some individuals. In addition, World of Warcraft is a social outlet for women. Since this MMORPG many women use World of Warcraft as their way of connecting socially with men in the gaming environment (ie plenty of fish for gamer girls). Lastly, women also play World of Warcraft with there significant others. What better way to spend together time then gaming with your counter part? Hey ladies, if you can’t beat them join them.

Are you a gamer girl? Every played The Sims or World of Warcraft? Thoughts on the series? Comment below and follow me on twitter @kupid149.



4 thoughts on “A Weekly Fangirl Disclosure: Video Games that Women Love to Play

  1. This is great Most of my friends girlfriends got there start on sims and moved on to games like COD.

  2. LOL so true. A couple of my girlfriends the same way. Were not even into gaming at all until I put The Sims into there hands. Like I said a gateway drug to other games. Also pretty much half the girls I know are on World of Warcraft. They love the fact that no one knows who they are and can play quests without sucking. LOL

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