A Weekly Fangirl Discussion: Achievement Junkie?





Have you ever felt like this guy when trying to earn an achievement on a game? So excited that you cannot contain the level of joy from working so hard to gain that extra hundred gamer points, trophy, or catching the uncatchable Pokemon? When you first open a brand new game there are some individuals that instantly play on Legendary, Insanity, or Veteran mode in order to retrieve the highest rewards. As most guys would say, “The only way to play Halo is on Legendary.” Not this gamer girl. My goal when I first open a new game and pop it into my Xbox is not just playing the story mode, or playing on Legendary, but trying to achieve the unachievable, the most difficult achievement. For some reason this type of strategy has always been my guilty pleasure when playing video games. These achievements make an individual feel proud and open the door to more exciting, but frustrating game play. This is a weekly countdown on most satisfying, most frustrating, and achievements missed when gaming.  So what is my most satisfying achievement ever earned on a game??

Half Life 2 The Orange Box

The Orange Box Half-Life 2 Episode 2- Neighborhood Watch 


Half-Life series is one of my favorite games to date. (Note: It’s not like I have been waiting for Half Life 3 or another episode for over 6 years. No I am not bitter. Thanks Valve!). This science fiction first person shooter follows Dr. Gordon Freeman, as he must fight his way out of a research facility whose experiences have gone tremendously wrong. Episode 2 was the final Half-Life that gamers were able to experience. So what better way than to end the game or series then with a bang! Neighborhood Watch achievement was one of the hardest achievements to date I have ever experienced on any game on hard mode. In order to receive this achievement the gamer must save all the buildings outside the missile silo from being destroyed. Sounds pretty easy huh? Well how about adding thirteen Striders, defending yourself from Hunters (think horde mode to the extreme), and destroying the bombs that are flying toward your head, while shooting from a car and fighting on the ground. This achievement can be highly frustrating, to the point that most gamers change their game playing setting to easy just to get past it. Or there are some like me that throw their hands in the air and just almost give up. In fact, to this date there are still Internet forms of gamers that are still trying to achieve the almost impossible Neighborhood Watch Achievement. However, do not worry fellow gamers, as Episode 2 in general is pretty complicated from beginning to end no matter what gaming mode you play. Though earning that 35G is still bittersweet.


Ever play the Half-Life Series? If so did you achieve the Neighborhood Watch Achievement? If not what is you most satisfying achievement you have ever earned in a video game? Comment below and let me know. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @kupid149



7 thoughts on “A Weekly Fangirl Discussion: Achievement Junkie?

  1. I think my favorite achievement was “Pay your respects” from Batman Arkham City. I think I even teared up a bit.

  2. My favorite achievement is in Halo Reach where you have to jump off a cliff and assassinate an Elite

  3. “now thats impressive” was insanely difficult
    Also “overkill” and “two for one” from halo 3 were pretty hard

    My proudest achievements are “hyper ceffeinated” from alan wake, and “endure” from halo ODST

    And im curently working on “running the show” from halo wars
    Ive been working on it for 3 years now, and am at about 70 precent of the score required for the achievement
    They lowered the required score 2 times, and.it used to be 4 times what it is now o.O

  4. Wow those are really both good ones. Paul I have to say that I teared up a bit when I ran into that one. That was a shocker. Was not expecting that. Bryan ahhhhhh Reach…a game I love to love and hate….lol Why was that your favorite achievement? I mean you didn’t do it with Master Chief. But a really difficult one for sure! However I still believe that achievement should of had its own cut scene!! Cause when you got it…it was epic!

  5. Thanks Batmans13 for commenting. Alan Wake…man that’s a good one. Was it worth the 30g when you finished it? I have to say trying to get that achievement can become frustrating when one coming up one short….. 🙁 lol

  6. True I didn’t do It with Master Chief, but it was my favorite because of how hard it was and how self fulfilling it felt after I got the achievement

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