After just reviewing the A40s I was given the opportunity to review the A30s as well. The first thought that came to my mind was how the A30s possibly live up to how amazing the A40s are. In short they don’t, but that doesn’t mean the A30s are bad they are quite the opposite.


Let’s talk about the design and feel of the A30s. Compared to the A40s the A30s are about one half the size at least there are pros and cons to the reduced size such as it’s not as heavy so it’s easier to transport. The cons are that because they are small they don’t feel very secure around your head so if you move your head too fast there is a chance the head set will fall off. As far as the design goes it’s not great, but at the same time it’s not bad nothing really stood out to me. The headset comes with a removable mic and detachable cord; the cord its self has a volume control, a mute switch and a call/pickup button.


The sound is amazing I have no complaints what so ever. Granted it’s not quite as good as the A40s but I was still able to hear my teammates and the game almost as well as when I was using the A40s. Just like the A40s the A30s can be used on a console with the ASTRO mix amp. The mic is 6.0mm uni-directional noise canceling mic + 4.0mm omni-directional in-line mic. Like I said in my review of the A40s normally I have to speak up when using a conventional mic, but when using the A30s I could talk normally and have my teammates hear me clearly.


The same thing goes for the A30s it is literally plug and play comes with two cables one that you can plug into your MP3/Smartphone and one PC splitter cable that plugs directly into your PC.
Over all I thought the A30s are great headphones for an amazing price. The overall quality of the A30s is defiantly worth the investment. If you’re looking for a reliable headset for a reasonable price then I strongly recommend you check out the Astro A30s today.