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Aarklash: Legacy is Now Available!

This is Aarklash. The war between the Dark Lords of Acheron and the Barons of Alahan rages on. To finance the war, the Barons have gone into serious debt with the Goldmongers guild. Many nobles have fallen behind in their payments, and the Guild has sent their Wheel Swords, expert warriors and masters in the art of collecting debts. A standard Quorr of four Wheel Swords finds itself deep in Lion territories when a new war, of a very different nature, is declared.

Discover the fantasy universe of Aarklash: Legacy and unravel its mysteries. Take command of a company of mercenaries, the Wheel Swords, and unveil the dreadful plot threatening their lives!

Aarklash: Legacy is a tactical role-playing game centered on planning and strategy. Control the flow of battle using “active pause,” to coordinate the different heroes and their skills as you defeat the merciless creatures of Aarklash. Learn about their weaknesses and send them to their graves! Sharpen your techniques and try to defeat the game in Ragnarok mode, if you dare. In order to thank gamers who support the game right after its release, Cyanide has prepared a special launch offer: for the first week, the game is available at a 10% discount. Also, the first hundred buyers on Steam or the Cyanide e-shop will get a free copy of the game’s soundtrack.

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