Activision Blizzard plans for a Call of Duty Movie

Activision Blizzard is currently planning on an assault to rival Disney’s Marvel Universe. It plans to use the multi-layered, interconnected approach that has made Marvel’s superheroes a dominant force in cinema to turn the first-person shooter into an all-conquering film franchise of its own.

According to the pair, work on the Call of Duty films has already generated multiple scripts, and involved extensive research with military experts and retired soldiers. They are mapping out a Call of Duty universe which will draw on the feel of the different incarnations of the game rather than transposing existing plots. A first instalment could land as early as 2018 and, if all goes to plan, there will be more to follow.

History is on the downside when is comes video games being a success on the big screen. So far we have witness well known game titles make a attempt to break through and bring the fictional characters of a video game to real life. Maybe video games are not met to become real but just entertain us on our consoles and PCs and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Activision chief executive Bobby Kotick are clearly present in Sher and Van Dyk’s plans, but the history of video games moving to film is not exactly littered with successes. In fact, one of the most widely panned recent attempts was based on another Activision property, World of Warcraft. Despite a respected director in Duncan Jones, Warcraft was a critical stinker. It managed to become the highest-grossing game adaptation of all time, with popularity in China accounting for more than half its $434m box office, but set against a huge budget of $160m, its performance was not in the same league as the Marvel movies.