AirBuccaneers Beta Out, And coming to Flying Pirate ship near you!


Ever wonder what would happen when you put Flying Pirate ships in the hands of Vikings and Pirates? Well now the wait is over with the introduction of the beta version of AirBuccaneers. The game as it stands at the moment is just a 1st person strategy but its the storyline that is interesting. You play as either a pirate or a viking clan that have been at each other throat for a while until war breaks out. You command your own ship complete with cannons and fight your enemy’s in the air. Now i know what you must be thinking now ” Oh God another one of those weird mixed genre games” but with a strong emphasis on multiplayer and co-op i think that this game will tickle even veteran 1st person action strategy gamers. With this being only the beta we can only hope that the designers stay true to their game and make something that is both original in its concept and of course fun to play.