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Alan Wake: American NIghtmare Out Now on PC!!!!!

The critically acclaimed action-packed sequel to one of everyones favortie writer is now available for steam and pc for $11.99. Also fans who have bought the orignal Alan WAke will receive 15% off their purchase. CEO from Remedy said “Our heritage is in developing PC games so naturally we’re thrilled to be bringing the newest  Alan Wake story to PC gamers, We’ve worked hard to continue to make the experience worthwhile to fans that wait patiently for our PC releases, and we think they’ll agree this is an excellent addition.”

Whats different about this release is the graphics will be updated with amazing visuals, new controls, as well can be played in 3D. This version will also included the arcade mode “Fight till Dawn”, Where players fight wave after wave of eneimes for a full night until dawn , but it shouldnt be hard right?, you will have new weapons like the nail gin and the uzi. So go pick this great title and rack up those points to get to the top of the leaderboards.

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