All Stars 2014 Kicks Off in Paris!

All Stars 2014 has begun, featuring the best teams across every region in the world! Cloud 9 [NA], season 3 world champs SKT T1 [Korea], Fnatic [EU], TPA [SEA], and OMG [CN] will all be competing in Paris for the next few days. Fans also voted for their favorite 2 pro players from each region to send to All Stars to make two teams of professional players from different regions – Team Ice and Team Fire. These two teams will be playing in friendly show matches with altered game rules and are sure to make for some entertaining matches. Two retired professional players, Toyz and Misaya, will be making their appearance as guest players for the Hexakill game mode. Don’t miss it! If you’ve missed out on any of the action that’s taken place so far you can visit this page  for spoiler-free VODs of the event.