Allstars Battle Royale Tons of Fun!


I recently played All- Stars Battle Royale on the PlayStation 3 and i was surprised to notice how much fun i was having. At first i thought this game would just be a rip off from Smash Bros, but it turned out to be a great game. Everyone will instantly notice the similarities to Smash Bros, but what makes this game truly unique is the characters. Right of the bat everyone wants to take Kratos for a spin and it is exactly what everyone expected, an overpowered beast. There are plenty other characters that make this game play enjoyable such as sackman from Little Big Planet, and Cole from Infamous. This game is incredibly fun when playing with 4 people which is how i played.

I hope that Xbox would consider making a game of this type. Not only would it sell really good, it would allow faithful fans to experience this type of game. Xbox has some big name characters that could also make some great characters for this type of fighting game. Master Chief and Commander Shepard would be awesome. Throw in some Gears characters in there, and perhaps Tom Brady, and maybe even Naruto and you’ve got a blockbuster game right there. All in all All stars is a fun game to play with your friends.