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And one giant leap to Cloud Gaming?


Playcast media a pioneer in cloud based gaming has announced a partnership with set-top box makers Cisco, Pace and Airtires. This new alliance helps to bring up the total available market for Playcast to over a 100 million households worldwide. The idea of cloud gaming is nothing new as an idea but with this new deal we are looking at the very real future of getting the newest and best games straight from the cloud.This has a lot of advantages, namely that you can play and access your games from anywhere that you get a connection to the internet. And oddly enough this is also its weakness  that you need a good internet connection to be able to play without lagging or being dropped. Playcast claims that recent improvements to the technology will make it possible to play with decent graphics and almost no delay while also supporting multiple gaming sessions at the same time. At this point we can only wait and see where this idea takes us, with still the relatively high popularity of gaming consoles I don’t see it taking over right away. But with already so many consoles depending on the cloud for updates and access to special features and some PC games being absolutely dependent on the internet just to play, I can only ask if this one small step for gamers or one giant leap for cloud gaming?