Angry birds Star Wars lots of Fun!!!


When Angry birds hit the scene everyone was playing the game. It was wildly popular and it seemed like it would never lose its appeal. The basic mechanics of the game were easy to grasp for everyone. The replay value was almost infinite with the constant addition of new levels. The replay value was gone after a while when the levels stopped coming. Angry Birds did the best thing possible and expanded the series into other games like Angry Birds Rio, and Angry Birds Space.

The best idea they ever had was to make Angry Birds Star Wars. Star Wars is probably the best “thing” in the world and when combined with anything else it makes it gold. Angry Birds Star Wars makes Angry Birds fun again. The mixture of Star Wars characters makes it challenging and fun. This game got me hooked from the beginning, and it has not let up yet. This game is awesome, and for only 99 cents. I recommend this app to anyone.