Accessories Review

Ankit Headphones

I got alot of cool stuff at CES, but one of the coolest was a pair of Ankit Headphones. Ankit participated in CES to announce the launch of their products.  They have 4 different  3D metallic designs: a teddy bear, a skull, a butterfly, and a snake; I got the Butterfly. The headphones have a special curved design for a more comfortable fit , and also have an advanced G-Bass technology that delivers loud sound with clear low notes.  Another thing i really liked is that they are compatible with all music players and gaming devices, I used mine with my Ipod and then switched to my DS, pretty cool!

Also, not only does Ankit have cool and comfortable designs, they plant a tree for every headphone that is sold, talk about going green!

The Ankit headphones are comfortable, cool, and the sound quality is very good 🙂

Pictures by Betty