Announcing our $1000 Gears of War 3 4v4 Team Tournament.

With the MW3 sign ups stalling we have decided to postpone it and move on to our next tournament we will still have it just as soon as we get the last few teams sign up. So on to our next event which will be  Gears of War 3, As soon as we get the at least 16 teams we’ll set the date, which won’t take long with the size of crowd we usually get at our weekly Gears 3 tournaments.

Usual stuff $20 per person, only serious teams want, you may sign up in person at any of our weekly events or online at (infoATFanboygamingDOTcom) Make sure you have your team name along with a list of all four team members, NO team member changes will be made after you sign up so make sure your team is set we will allow a 5th back up player but that player must also pay the $20.

The event will be held at the Microsoft Store more info will come as we progress in the sign ups.

Any questions please send them to (infoATFanboygamingDOTcom).

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