Our HQ’s first month’s schedule is below MORE Events Added!

cats_lair_337529We will be running tournaments EVERYDAY and yes all of them will be CASH tournaments! The tournament schedule is below. On Sundays apart from Smash Bros. Melee we will you the gamers who attend the opportunity to vote what other fighting games we do that day.

If there a certain game you would like us to do please feel free and let us know and we’ll add it to our rotation.

We will also be having Pokemon video game tournaments and trading card game tournaments for both Pokemon and Yugioh and open play during the day and larger tournaments in the evening.

For shooters since we currently have 4v4 at the Microsoft Store expect FFAs and 2v2s at our HQ.  And for fighters we will continue doing all the top games along with throwback days bringing back old classics.

We will continue to run events at the Microsoft Store but fear not we will make sure that each location has a different game.

We’re waiting to get the full address of our HQ,  It is in Downtown Chula Vista on Third ave.

We will be opening the doors on January 2nd.

We’ll be updating this post with more info as we lock things in.



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