Arachnadoodle review


Arachnadoodle is a crazy fun game when i first sat down to play it I didn’t give it much of a chance i just assumed it was a “kiddie” game. I was really wrong after a few rooms of flinging around that goofy looking spider i was hooked and even found my self getting pissed when i hit the Death Head or Spark Head Bugs.

With 32 rooms, and over eight houses to explore you will have a riot spinning webs for a very long time to come.

Key Features:

• 32 Levels of instantly addictive web slinging action

• Hit ‘bonus score’ and ‘extra throw’ flies as you whizz

around the screen

• Refine your arachnid throwing habits and use elastic and bumper pins to max out your scores

• ‘Death Head Bugs’, ‘Spark Head Bugs’, and electrocuting

light bulbs add to the danger

• Open Feint integration, high score tables and achievements

• Use furniture and objects strategically to score even more

• Hit ‘Truck loads a’ pins and build the wickedest web of all





I’ve found myself playing this game all the time even while I’m waiting in MW2 lobbies  this game is everything a mobile game should be fun, addicting and easy to pick up and play at anytime if you got an iPhone or iTouch you gotta get this game  i give it a 9 out of 10 Arachnadoodle is available on iTunes soon for £0.59/$0.99.