Arrow and The Flash a Match Made in Tween Heaven

arr4Earlier this week the CW announced its casting choice for the coveted role of D.C Comics fan favorite Barry Allen A.K.A The Flash. Actor Grant Gustin is better known for his role as Sebastian Smythe on Fox’s T.V show Glee. Before the fans starts grabbing their pitch forks and begin collectively trolling just keep in mind that Stephen Amell was a regular on the C.W show The Vampire Diaries.  


Gustin will play Barry Allen a young yet brilliant forensic investigator on loan from Central City to investigate a series of robberies that link to his own personal tragedy. Barry Allen will play a small but crucial role the forthcoming season of C.W’s hit show Arrow. It is unclear at this moment whether or not Barry Allen will have access to the Speed Force the source of his uncanny power of speed. The C.W has stated that Barry Allen is “just an ordinary guy” but with his own one shot episode coming this season with aspirations of a spin off it is very likely that we will see Gustin get in touch with his inner lightning bolt. Let’s hope that he follows in Stephen Amell’s footsteps and not John Wesley Shipp’s (if you don’t know who that is trust me don’t look it up”.

indexWhat are your thought’s on this casting choice? Comment and discus below!!!