Asylum to be in Multiple Languages!

Senscape has announced that they will be releasing their chilling game Asylum in multiple languages so that thousands of players can enjoy this frightening game. Since releasing their interactive teaser during Gamescom 2012 their teaser has been downloaded  over 50,000 times on Steam Greenlight. In just 10 days it broke the top 50 games on the site and is still climbing the charts! Steam Greenlight happens to be a new system that enlists the help of the gamer community to pick some of the next games to be released on Steam!

Asylum is a chilling journey through the floors of the Hanwell mental Institute in which unimaginably horrible atrocities occurred in the past. Some of the key features of this game include :

  • High definition graphics
  •   One of the biggest virtual buildings ever created for a game
  •   Around 100 rooms to explore in breathtaking detail.
  •   Featuring the voice of industry veteran Josh Mande.
  • over 15 hours oF estimated game play.

The interactive teaser is supported on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux . It can be downloaded from here. Asylum is set to release in late 2013!