Atomic Heart Game Play trailer

Earlier this year Mundfish released a game play trailer for their upcoming game Atomic Heart. What IS Atomic hearts? It is an action RPG that has FPS elements. Set in alternative universe of the USSR you play as a KGB Officer that is looking into Facility 3826. Facility 3826 has gone dark and its up to you to figure out what happened and to bring order back to the facility.

Online people are saying that its darker elements are similar to the Bioshock series and its RPG elements are being compared to Fallout 4 . Take a look at the trailer below!

Atomic Heart is set to come out some time this year. Currently you can only preorder Atomic Hearts on the PC and PS4 though there is a possiblity that they will be coming to more consoles at a later date. Click Here to pre-order a copy today!