Avatar, now with 3 Ds

jawsWhat’s better then playing a game i know absolutely nothing about based on a movie i know even less about by some guy i’v never heard of? why making it in 3D of course. It not as easy as you’d think though, as you’ll need a 3D capable television……….. and compatible hardware.

PS3 owners are safe for now, Wii owners are kidding themselves if they think they’re getting 3D. That just leaves 360 owners and here’s the tricky part, as it turns out the game will require 1080p to properly do the special effects in 3D and if you’re an early adopter you’re basically out of luck. You could play the game in 2D but that’s soo 2008, everyone knows that the third dimension is where it’s really at. I dare you to name me 1 3D movie that wasn’t badass, I DARE YOU!!!

for now enjoy these screen shots from last month’s comic-con and imagine them in glorious 3D