Avengers Infinity War will not have a sequel.

It was revealed by Marvel that the Avengers Infinity War movie will not have a sequel but still both have the same release schedule as the previous ones given to us. Variety reported that the first movie hitting theaters in 2018 will be called Avengers : Infinity War and the following movie scheduled for 2019 is still untitled.


Both movies will be directed by Anthony and Joe Russo who previously had an amazing success with Civil War, and in my opinion are the best candidates for a movie of this caliber. Here is my issue with this previous announcement, The famous comic published in the early 90’s and written by Jim Starlin packs too much of a punch to be a single movie in my personal opinion, and since i’m throwing opinions here and there let me throw another one, what can they possibly do after that?


Thanos the mad titan and Adam Warlock fighting with literary creators of the marvel universe, beings in the comics that are above gods and using the “Soul Gems” which in the comics can shape reality and create omnipotence to whoever controls them. Yes there are plenty of other Marvel events and a great opulence of bad guys but I expect the movies as they progress to top the previous ones and what else can top that? With that being said i wanted to answer my own question and started thinking what can they do next,? Secret War, Annihilation, The Kang Dynasty perhaps?


All this are amazing events but in my opinion none of these top Infinity War, even if they Russo brothers do it a quarter like the iconic comic, we are talking about Thanos with the infinity gauntlet, And that’s when i started thinking to myself that the next movie doesn’t necessarily have to be completely different, the Infinity War story is part of a trilogy maybe Marvel is thinking to expand the story arc and the following year we could be seeing a version of Infinity Gauntlet or Infinity Crusade. These are just ideas what do you guys think?