Babel Rising 3D free!

AMA(Advanced Mobile Applications) in partnership with Ubisoft have announced that their free to play version of Babel Rising 3D has reached 1 million downloads on Google Play in just two weeks! This game was developed by Mando Productions and is currently one of the best 3D games for mobile devices  because of it’s beautiful graphics and increasing difficulty levels. It has even been awarded a 4.5/5 rating from over 15,000 users as well as ranked in the U.S. and European top 10 free download charts.

Since this game has been released their have been a 100 new challenges to partake in and rewards for completing them improve the players powers. New scrolls help to increase scores and player earnings as well.  Updates that are to follow will bring new items and even a new game mode for players to experience and enjoy.

In Babel Rising 3D players must stop Babylonians from building the famous tower of Babel. Players play as God and must use their divine powers to stop these humans. In the players arsenal are bolts of lightening, massive earthquakes, meteor showers and floods!

The game is available on Google play for mobile devices now!