Batman Arkham City : Harley Quinn’s Revenge Pack

“Pay back is a bitch ” So we’ve heard about this saying but you will understand it, especially if your dealing with Jokers psychotic side kick Harley Quinn! Harley is the new boss of Arkham City and is determined to make Batman pay for what he’s done to The Joker. Today DC Entertainment brought new trailers and screenshots of the  new DLC which is the final chapter in Batman : Arkham City  which is estimated to last over  2 hours of single player mode added. People who already own Batman : Arkham City will have Harley Quinn’s Revenge Pack available by May 30th for X Box 360 and Playstation 3, which will be available for X Box live market place for 800 microsoft points. Check out the screenshots and new trailer pictures below !

For screeenshots :

For Trailer pictures :