Battlefield 3 Armored Kill coming out this September

Battlefield is all about vehicle warfare. Introducing the new vehicle class Tank Destroyer, this third expansion pack will also feature an all new game mode where tanks reign supreme. The game will bring back five regular game modes from the base game.

Tank superiority is a highly tailored game mode where platoons and tank destroyers fight for control over a single flag- mostly placed in extremely open and hard to defend places. Has a mix of 16 tanks.

Better engine: Experience the physical battlefield in the all new frostbite 2 game engine (BF3 new technology allows you to experience superior animation, unparalleled lighting and special effects, epic scale and incredible sound design)

Unrivaled Destruction: say goodbye to campers! the battlefield is destructible, this means  you can annihilate buildings, demolish cover, and even shoot through walls to eliminate that guy crouching behind the third floor windowsill.

Bigger Battles: Delivers awe-inducing dynamic and unscripted moments. our epic multiplayer maps are designed to deliver a never ending supply of moments that will leave you speechless.

True TeamPlay: intuitive teamplay, free social service. the ultimate in squad-based fighting and has a no cheating secure system. with out free battlelog service you’ll never pay a dime for all the stat tracking and social integration you’ve come to expect from the next-gen shooter…”

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