Battlefield 3: Armored Kill First Impressions

Armored Kill for Battlefield 3 came out today on xbox and pc, and I have been playing all day long. I decided to go ahead and give what my first impressions of the DLC. I have played all of the maps and the different game types to make sure that this is a fair first impression.

The Maps

The maps are absolutely amazing for the DLC, they are huge and very well designed no matter what game mode you are playing. I play on xbox so sometimes they can feel a little empty, however I am sure that with the increased player amount on pc they are hectic no matter where you are. When playing Rush the maps flow perfectly making you feel that you are actually pushing the enemy back and capturing the land. During conquest and tank superiority the maps are designed to make hotspots, where there is always action and they are constantly being contested by each force.

Game Modes

I personally prefer to play Rush more than Conquest, however I can see Tank Superiority becoming a favorite as it pits both sides against each other with tons of vehicles and a single point to hold. This plays out to be very similar to king of the hill, but only tanks may capture the point. Rush can be very frustrating at times mainly due to the AC-130 constantly raining down death and troops. In order for a team to succeed in defending they have to be able to suppress the attacking teams air superiority. All of the conquest maps have five points and normally have a group of some close to each other in order to promote constant fighting and not just objective trading, which can be a problem on Caspian Border


Overall I am in love with the DLC, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to increase the amount of vehicular warfare in multiplayer. The AC-130 will get on your nerves from time to time, and eventually might need some fine tuning from dice, but as long as your team carries enough anti-aircraft you will be able to keep it from running rampart against your team.